Swaragini 21st September 2015: Ragini’s Conspiracy and Drama


Swaragini 21st September 2015: Today’s episode was all about the drama surrounding Ragini’s conspiracy against Swara and Sanskar to throw them out of home and her life completely.

The episode started from where it was left. Annapurna is supporting and condolence her not to cry. Laksh told everyone that he has a proof against the culprit – the bracelet. Seeing it, Ram replied that he has given the same to Sanskar as the birthday gift. Then, Ragini said that he can’t do such a stoop thing, but Laksh said that he can do anything and further added that he won’t him today at any cost. Sujata asked Swara to tell everyone that Sanskar and you were together.

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Swaragini 21st September 2015

Then, Swara called Dida. After hearing everything, she thought to inform Sumi. Meanwhile, Sujata told Laksh that Sanskar is his brother and he will not do such a cheap thing. But Laksh was not ready to cool down. Durga Prasad tried to stop him. But, he said Sanskar has to answer him everything today. Then, he went to Sanskar’s room and threw water on Sanskar’s face while he was sleeping. He woke up and asked him what’s his problem. Afterwards, Laksh took him in front of all the family members and asked him to accept his crime. But Sanskar wasn’t aware of what’s going on. So, he said what did he do?

Meanwhile, Dida informed Sumi about all the stuff and asked her to come with her in the lawn. But, Dadi saw her going, so she followed her. Dadi heard everything they talked about Maheshwari house. Dida asked Sumi to not to tell anything to anyone. But, Dadi and Shekhar heard everything

Swaragini 21st September 2015

While in the Maheshwari house, Sanskar was asked to accept his crime. So, he remembers everything from his past. Then, he asked everyone why they stared at him. After looking towards Ragini, he asked what has happened to her. All of a sudden Durga Prasad slapped him and showed and asked if the bracelet belongs to him or not. Sanskar said told him the truth that it belongs to him.

Laksh said to Sanskar that Papa has slapped you only but if he was there, he would have taken his life. But, Sanskar again asked what happened as why everyone is mad at him. Laksh replied that he tried to misbehave and malign Ragini’s respect. Then, Ragini also asked him why did he do such a bad thing to her. Sujata replied that Ragini is lying again. Sanskar also said the same and added that he couldn’t believe that she can stoop so low.

Laksh said that his bracelet has been found lying in the kitchen. Sanskar replied that he don’t know how it got there and added that such a cheap activity is not in his nature and asked everybody to believe in him. He went to Annapurna and asked her to believe. But, Adarsh said that the situation is against you. Sanskar replied that it was just a misunderstanding that it getting bigger. He confessed that he told everything including Ragini’s true face when he was in drunk state. Laksh stopped him and said he is lying. Sanskar asked Laksh how he knew that Ragini has told him the truth. Hearing this, Laksh tried to slap him but Swara stopped his hand.

Swaragini 21st September 2015

Laksh said Swara how dare she stopped him and added that she will definitely support him as both of them are partners. Swara replied that she is his partner and she trust him to the fullest. Parineeta that how she (Swara) could say that being Ragini’s sister. Then, Swara replied that there is no doubt she is and will always be and added that she trust Sanskar and he can’t do such a thing. Then, she told Durga Prasad that he has accepted his mistake in open and front of all then, why would he malign his own reputation. Meanwhile, Ragini again blamed him. Afterwards, Swara referred to Laksh and said that she don’t believe in proof and it didn’t prove anything and added that Ragini lied again. Shekhar arrived there shouting that he won’t spare Sanskar for this.

But, Swara stood in between them. Swara asked him to listen to her once but he said to move aside from his way. In between the whole scenario, Laksh said that he will call police to handle the situation. Dadi agreed with him. But Sujata and Swara

Shekhar comes shouting Sanskar’s name and says I will not leave him. Swara comes in front of Sanskar and asks Shekhar to listen to her once. Shekhar asks her to move from her way. Laksh says I will call the police to deal with him. Dadi says yes. Sujata says no Laksh. Swara says no need to call the Police as I know that he is innocent and I can proof it too.

Swaragini 21st September 2015

But Sanskar didn’t believe her and said she can’t as they have got the proof. Swara replied that some time back Laksh was accused of making the video and everyone believed that but that was not true. She showed everyone on the FB. Sumi believed Swara. Dadi said that Sumi will always have belief in Swara as she is her real daughter.

Then, at the next moment, Swara said that it’s not like that she is alleging Ragini for lying but it could be possible that she misunderstood the scenario. Further, Swara added that if she hadn’t believed Laksh, then he would have been in prison. Dadi stopped her in between of her talks and asked her to stop the nonsense.

Shekhar said that it has been over the limits. Further, Swara continued that it was all dark and it may be possible that Ragini was mistaken. Swara said that nothing can be proved with the help of only the bracelet. She, then, asked Durga Prasad to lend them some time to prove Sanskar’s innocence. He agreed to her request. Then, she turned to Ragini.

Durga Prasad has given the time till morning to Swara. Then, she started questioning and interrogating Ragini.

Swaragini 21st September 2015 episode ends. Stay tuned with us for further news and updates.

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