Swaragini 22nd March 2016: Ragini Sees Real Tania In Kali Badi

Swaragini 28th March 2016

Swaragini 22nd March 2016: The episode starts as dadi informs Annapurna and Sujata that Ragini had mortgaged her dead mum’s jewelry to get them freed from jail. Sujata said that we didn’t know she arranged money that way. Anapurna also said the same. (check: Swaragini all episodes.)

Dadi stated that they had taken her advantage and she will not let Ragini come in-house and will get her married. Sujata told Annapurna not to be sad. Swara called Ragini to tell her about Tania and asked if she is still locked. Ragini said that she would keep an eye on the person coming to Kali Badi.

Swaragini 22nd March 2016

Swara told her that she came to Malhotra plot no. 211 and felt she would get proofs. She saw Kartik outside calling jailer and asking about Tania and got informed that Tania was freed 2days before. Swara thought that who was Kavya if Tania is Kartik’s sister and believed to find about Tania.

Sumi asked Dadi to open Ragini’s room. Dadi said she would get her married in 15days. Ragini told me she doesn’t   have an objection, but 15days time is not right. Swara came home and showed a picture of small Tania and grown up and asked Annapurna and Sujata if Kartik and Tania had any sister.

Swaragini 22nd March 2016

Annapurna said no. Swara stated that if Kavya is Tania, then why she changed her name. Kartik told Kavya that Tania was freed. She asked me to search her as she had done so much for them. Kartik said they would find her.

Dadi asked Sumi not to let R agini go out. Sumi heard the whistle and ran to the kitchen. Ragini came out through the window and thought to talk to Swara and felt apologetic to Dadi and thought to find proof against Kavya. She collided with a woman and said sorry, again clashed with real Tania as she proposed herself as Tania Malhotra. She recalled Swara’s words that she would come to Kali Badi. She asked if she was from Kolkata to which Tania said yes.

Swaragini 22nd March 2016

Dadi shouted at Ragini and took her inside. She said she would come soon. Annapurna and Sujata came and greeted Dadi; Sumi asked them to come inside. Dadi stopped her. Ragini asked them to come in. Dadi asked if they came to take Ragini. They replied no as they came to return jewellery and wold never forget the favour. Dadi asked Ragini to go to her room.

Ragini went. Sumi asked them to sit and said she would bring them tea. Dadi told me to make tea for her only as they are getting late. Sumi looked at Dadi. Dadi asked what happened. Sumi replied nothing and went. Dadi then got Mathur’s call that his son was coming to see Ragini. Ragini called Swara to inform her about the new girl that she came to stay in Baadi and introduced herself as Tania Malhotra.

Swaragini 22 Mar. 2016

Swara was shocked and sent a picture of Tania on her phone. Ragini saw and said she was same. Swara asked her to keep an eye on her. Ragini said she would keep a look through her window. Tania called Kavya to inform her that she was freed 2days back.

On asking where she was by Kavya, she told she went Banaras to fulfil her ‘Mannat’ and asked her to meet in plot 211. She then thought her plan stage2 would begin and smirked.

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