Swaragini 25th December 2015 Episode Colors TV: Laksh tried to kill Ragini; Durga Prasad backs off after warning

Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 25th December 2015: In this Friday episode of Swaragini, many unexpected scenes came when Laksh tried to kill Ragini; Durga Prasad backs off after a warning from Dadi. Ragini gave the instructions to clean the house for Sujata and Uttara. (see: Last Episode of Swaragini.)

Annapurna intervened and told her that as Sujata is her aunt she would not do that having younger in the house. Dadi comes and tries to defend Ragini. Annapurna slammed her too by saying that she is the one who is misguiding Ragini, Ragini angrily scolds her for talking with harshness.

Swaragini 25th December 2015

Uttara also tried to act like an ideal child and told that Ragini should also talk with manners to her mother kind. Ragini justifies that she is the supremo of the house and she could do whatever wants, Annapurna told her that with this she has lost the interest of calling her mother. Ragini told her to do that work as she is the richest person over there. She took Laksh’s matter in the mid conversation and blamed her for what Laksh is actually doing. [Also See: All Episodes of Swaragini.]

Ragini throws the duster on her face, she throws her back. When she was protesting, Ragini put the water on her face. Meanwhile, Laksh comes and tried to kill her by suffocating her neck for doing so. Durga Prasad and Sanskar makes their entry on the correct time, they gave it as a last warning. Sanskar told her that they will leave the house if it comes for the worst situation. He further added that they will not tolerate their insult and they are leaving the house today only. Ragini got shocked after listening to this.

Swaragini 25th December 2015

Swara wents to the supplier of musical instruments for inquiring about the last order she gave, but she felt after coming in the shop that she has left the receipt in her house or with Ragini. The veiled woman passed in front of her, but she missed to recognize.


The whole family was packing out their bags to leave the house, Ragini dares them to leave the house with only clothes and claim that she would not allow them to take anything else. Annapurna took out her jewellery and gave to her saying that she would leave the house and can sleep on the streets, but she can’t live in a house with a woman like her.

Swaragini 25th December 2015

Everyone took out their jewellery for Ragini. Ragini comes to Dadi and informs her about everyone’s plan to leave the house aggressively, Dadi told her to keep it going as they could also hire new staff and servants to work for them. She claimed that they will live a lavish lifestyle thereof.

Ragini told Dadi to stop them as it`s the only chance for her to take the revenge otherwise they will loose out the last opportunity. Sanskar told her not to try to stop them as they can tolerate anything but insulting them would not be tolerated with them. Laksh told him to forget that she is his wife.

Annapurna cursed her to die here alone. Dadi calls Durga Prasad and Ragini took out some water for Annapurna. Dadi took water for Durga Prasad and told him not to leave the house, she gives him a warning. Durga Prasad told everyone to drop the idea of leaving the house after listening Dadi’s dare.

Laksh claimed that she could not tolerate any insult from Ragini at any cost in his entire life. Annapurna told him to get up as they can live anywhere. Dadi, Durga Prasad and Ragini told everyone to get back to the work. Ragini claims that there is a secret of Durga Prasad which should not be told.

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