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Swaragini 14th March 2016


Swaragini 25th January 2016: The episode begins with Laksh getting papers from astrologer and saying that he will use the papers for filing the divorce. He says that he will snatch everything from her which she snatched from them. She will not be his wife and owner of property .He also says that on one side Sanskar and Swara will bond a new a relation and one side their relation will end. Sanskar and Swara come to home. (see: Swaragini last episode.)

Sumi ask Sanskar what happened to which she says that Swara fainted in the jungle. Ragini makes her wake up and gives her water. Sumi goes to bring her some medicine on Ragini request. Swaragini plays and Ragini’s concern for her surprises everybody. Sumi ask Swara how she landed up in such condition and Swara recalls everything with a flashback. Sanskar was asked by Durga Prasad to take them to Baadi .Swara enquires about Urvashi.

Swaragini 25th January 2016

Laksh asks his lawyer to submit the divorce papers. He murmurs I will get divorce and all our property and then will kick her out if the house. Ragini calls Laksh to have food meanwhile Laksh gives her red eye look. Ragini further tells her that she talked to Sumi and found that Swara was fine. Ragini tries to enter the room but Laksh ask her to stop. (see: All Episodes of Swaragini.)

Ragini gets worried and ask if she did something wrong. She knows that he is worried about Swara and she too is worried about her. Laksh again stops her and thinks of papers on which she signed. Ragini worriedly questions her but Laksh only says that she asked her to stay out. Ragini seems puzzled when Laksh says that he is honing his acting skills. Ragini is totally shocked by all this. Laksh says he will not do it again and leaves.

Swaragini 25th January 2016

Swara narrates everything to Sumi. Urvashi reaches home and mops her saree.Swara ask her why did she went to jungle.Urvahsi says she went to fetch some roots from the jungle. And tells Dadi about its usefulness. Swara comments that Urvashi lied cleverly. Ragini burst into laughter seeing Laksh face covered with ice cream. Laksh hauls her and ask to sign on papers. Ragini says she is confused and runs from there.


Annapurna calls Laksh that he has some serious matter to discuss about. Laksh makes Ragini to go her from there by saying that Maa is calling her. Annapurna ask her about the sign showing the signature on blank paper. Laksh tells him his plan of kicking her out. Annapurna refers to give paper. Laksh had a talk with lawyer and says that she can’t stay here after divorce. Annapurna denies it.

Swaragini 25th January 2016

Laksh says she won’t let Ragini stay in this house after her deeds. Annapurna tell him that she did everything for his love. She admits that she has changed and well behaved now and says that she isn’t bad at heart. But Laksh denies forgetting his and Dad’s insult. Annapurna reminds him that they forgave him for trying to kill Ragini but Laksh denies to change his decision. He says that he will Ragini is still the old one and can neva change.

Swara and Sanskar talking over phone and Sanskar discussing the plan. He shares his planning about dinner. Swara ask that will his care for her remain the same after marriage but Sanskar says that she will have to care about him. Swara admires his unexpected surprises. Sanskar recalls saying that Kavita made it a flop show.

Swaragini 25th Jan. 2016

Sanskar says that he is not able to get over her. Also he says that Kavita wants them to have a quarrel and hate each other. But then Urvashi calls Ragini to Baadi and they leave.
They arrive at Shekhar’s house. Sanskar also joins them. Ragini sees blood coming out of Janki’s eyes. Urvashi says that jiji is not happy with the marriage.

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