Swaragini 28th October 2015 Wednesday Episode Colors TV

Swaragini 28th October 2015: The Wednesday episode of the show which airs of Colors TV started with Shekhar telling that there are no means to save Ragini. Doctor advised them to keep their differences aside in order to take care of her. Dadi said that after returning to her senses, she would try to go to her in-laws. Then, she wondered the way to stop her from doing it. On the other hand, Annapurna declared that she will go with them. (see: Swaragini last episode.)

Lakshya questioned her. Durga Prasad told that in reality, Ragini is still their Bahu as the divorce process hasn’t been completed yet. Thus, she is also their responsibility. Lakshya refused to take her and said that she will not be a part of his life anymore. Shekhar agreed with him and told him that he understood him. But, Lakshya said that he didn’t.

Swaragini 28th October 2015

Lakshya asked Sanskar to bring and show the content of the CD to Ragini. Just when Sanskar was about to leave in search of CD, Durga Prasad stopped him. After coming out of the room, Swara shared her experience and said that Ragini still thinks that Swara wanted to still separate her from Lakshay.

Lakshya said that she is again acting and making a fool of everybody and everybody is going to same. Durga Prasad made a point that she got an electric shock and can’t manipulate a doctor with such condition. On the other hand, Lakshay reminded him the past works of her from kidnapping her mother to try to kill Swara. Thus, she can harm herself too. Durga Prasad agreed to the past happenings. (see: all Swaragini episodes.)

Lakshya added that he never had feelings for her. Ragini heard him saying it outside from the room. Annapurna said that it will be solved in just a few days. Further, Lakshya told them that her mind is very much dirty. Swara contradicted him and said that he is making another mistake again for believing that Ragini is speaking the truth.

Swaragini 28th October 2015

Ragini heard all the things. Upon hearing the talks, she closed the door but took new photo frame with her. Moreover, she recalled what did they say to her including herself and Lakshya telling that he don’t love her. Further, she thought that her relations were snatched from her and remembered Shekhar’s words and thought Lakshya won’t forgive her. (read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.)

While remembering and going through all of her past, she decided to punish Sanskar and reunite with Lakshay even though he hates her, but said that she will make sure to live with him for the entire lifespan. Further, she decided to unite with Lakshya without Swara’s help and on her own.

Later in the episode, Swara told Lakshay what will court likely to ask about his marriage with Ragini and what to say and act. He agreed with her. He decided to prove it that she is fabricating her memory loss situation. When Swara was going to call her, Dadi stopped her and said that she would bring her. Before leaving, she thanked Lakshya. Further, Shekhar thanked Durga Prasad for all the understandings. On the other hand, Sujata thought that Ragini has again started planning and acting and wondered what will happen in the next part.

Swaragini 28th October 2015

Durga Prasad asked Swara to go with them to Maheshwari house. He did so as he doubted that Ragini may doubt why she isn’t at home. Sanskar suggested him to make some excuse and told that her decision should be of her own and shouldn’t be made because of some kind of helplessness. Annapurna asked to make their decision fast. Durga revealed that he has decided it to improve Ragini’s condition. Shekhar agreed to him. Durga Prasad said that Swara will be kept like their daughter only. Then, Swara agreed to go with them for her sister. (read: Diya Aur Baati Hum.)

Ragini told Lakshya that she heard Swara crying and Sanskar shouting at her. Lakshay shocked to hear it and went straight to Swara’s room. There Swara asked him the reason for being present there at late night. Lakshya told her worries. Suddenly, Ragini appeared there too and questioned for coming there at late night in the absence of Sanskar. Lakshya got surprised again as she was the only one who cooked up that false story one more time.

Swaragini 28th October 2015

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