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Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 30th November 2015: The start of today’s episode showed that Sanskar dropped Devika to the market. After that, he spotted one strange woman worshipping. He shocked to see her and tried to hide to watch over her, but got hurt in the process. (watch: Bigg Boss 9 day 50.)

After a while, he called Swara and told her that he left Devika in the market but upon returning saw a witch type woman doing puja in the house. Hearing all this stuff, she got worried for Sanskar and asked him to come home fast. After that, she prayed for his safety. (see: All Episodes of Swaragini.)

After cutting the call, Sanskar here and there for the same woman but couldn’t find. Then, he found that the witch is gone now. After that, Swara shared the news with Simar about the same. Simar told her about a same kind of witch who trapped Prem and at the same time, hoped for the well-being of Sanskar.

Swaragini 30th November 2015

Devika returned home and then showed the mud pots which she bought. Sanskar recalled her dancing. Thus, he asked her how she found the way back to home and returned so quickly. She replied that she returned back when she had bought the idols. Devika said that her memory is very sharp and found the way easily.

Then, Sanskar told her that he wanted to go to the washroom. He doubted on Devika and he thought she was about of go home. Then, Sanskar decided to not to tell Swara anything about it at least till the mystery gets solved. However, Swara still questioned him about the location where he found her for the first time.

Sanksar told her that it was like a misunderstanding. Swara got convinced and asked him to have food with Devika. Sanskar thought to look into her by searching her room. As a result, he arrived in her room and started searching.

Swaragini 30th November 2015

Devika came to her room and saw him. So, to ignore her further question, he said that he was looking for a misplaced file and asked her to rest and left the room. Devika thought that he was doubting on her and thought to divert his mind. Then, she thought to break the relationship of Swara and Sanskar as the very next step in order to take revenge for her bhakt Mohini.

Swaragini 30th November 2015

Then, Devika tried to make plans to drive the attention of Sanskar to something else topic and thought for the person who could help her. The next name came in her mind was Ragini. She decided to choose the same person to do an attack on Ragini again.


All of a sudden, she was the masked man who just entered the room of Ragini. Devika though that her work will be completed today. After a while, Sujata asked Ragini to keep some things into the store room. Devika told Swara that she will need a pillow. Sujata answered that pillows are kept in the storeroom and so, go and grab them.  Swara chose to bring them from the room. Devika murmured that the same has just started.

Some person wearing the mask entered the store room and turned off the lights immediately. Ragini shouted as the person tried to attack her. Swara took a lamp and followed Ragini’s scream. As she entered the room, she saw fallen utensils and picked them up. Ragini saw her and shouted again.

Swaragini 30th November 2015

Hearing her shout, Sujata came and scolded Swara for the bad thing. Swara tried to prove herself right by placing some of the words in his favor. Moreover, Ragini too accused her. However, Swara said that she wasn’t there to do anything. However, Ragini didn’t listen and accused Swara of trying to kill her. Swara said to her that she was thinking wrong. On the other, Annapurna said that she will call the police to look into the matter.

Police arrived at the home and started interrogating Swara. Ragini said that Swara pressed her by a neck to kill her. On the other hand, Swara showed the silver bowl and said that she came to check utensils. Lakshya agreed with her along with Sanskar and told everyone else that Swara can’t be blamed for it. Sanskar also supported Swara.

Swaragini 30th November 2015

Police arrived and started interrogating Swara. Lakshya said that Swara doesn’t lie. Even Sasnkar came into her support. Durga Prasad also believed her. Police agreed to not to keep herself inside the lockup, but will interrogate herself. Sanskar told Sujata that what she did was completely wrong. Devika said that someone from the close by is trying to harm her.

Swaragini Precap: Swara and Simar saw Sanskar’s car running towards. Seeing it, Ragini shouted.

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