Swaragini 30th September 2015 Wednesday Full Episode : Swara scolds Sanskar over Sumi’s Kidnapping

Swaragini 30th September Episode: Swaragini is Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Colors TV. In this Episode of Swaragini, Swara called Sanskar and scolds him for Sumi’s kidnapping. Why she has said so, read the episode and find it out
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Swaragini Full Episode

Swaragini Wednesday Episode : The episode begins with Sanskar showing Ragini the MMS where in Laksh gets beaten up by the kidnappers. Ragini says how can you do this to your own brother. Sanskar says that if he can do this this, then you can expect more. Ragini collapses. Sanskar calls up Swara and She says that Sanskar, you are doing wrong. Sanskar says the he didn’t ask up the kidnappers to hit Laksh. He immediately calls them up and asks why did they hit him. The goons reveal that they only did that as he was trying to escape. Ragini pleases Sanskar to leave Laksh. She also accepts that she will reveal her truth but on one condition. She says that she will reveal her crimes firstly to Laksh and then reveal to all. She also asks Swara not to make Laksh brak up with her. Swara agrees to her and says that her parents can finally become Swaragini again.

Sanskar is looking for Badi Maa and finds that she isn’t in her room. Ragini says that she got a call and went to some place and she kidnapped her. Sanskar says that you can’t even think of hurting her. Ragini says, yes I can’t but you gave me strength. If you hurt my Laksh then Badi Maa will pay for it. So the schedule will go on as planned, yo  both will marry tomorrow or else you will reveal your secret. Annapurna is busy with the Mehendi arrangements and asks the servants to stuff the goods in the store room.

Swaragini after Interval

Swaragini 30 sept Episode

Ragini asks the servant to keep the Mehendi good there itself and asks him to shut the door. Later we get to see Sumi tied to the chair. She apologizes and says that she really loves her so much. She is only doing so as she has something to protect. The kidnapping of Sumi happens in this way. Sumi gets a call saying that come to store room to prove Swara’s innocence. Sumi leaves to that place and Ragini follows her and chokes her with chloroform. She then loses conscious and ends up being kidnapped.

Now Swara collapses and says that Sumi is kidnapped and calls up Sanskar and scolds him saying that it is his mistake and Sumi is kidnapped just because of his mistake. Sanskar says that he can’t marry her with fulfilling her wish. Swara cries and then Sujata enters the scene saying What shall we do next? Swara says she will reveal the truth. She is on her way to put an end to the tom and jerry show and will expose her too.

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Ragini calls up Sanskar and tells him to release the Swara back to the home for marriage, they both meet in the store room. Sanskar threatens that her game is over now.

Laksh was telling to Swara that he will not believe even if god tells him. And then he falls in the river.