Swaragini 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update – Colors TV: Sanskar Agrees To Engage With Kavita

Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 6th January 2016: The start of today’s episode featured Swara saying to Sanskar, “I am happy for you.” Then, their conversation followed like a couple discussing their past and its stuff. In the other scene, Kavita entered the kitchen and wished good morning to both Annapurana and Sujata. Both of them wished the same to her. (watch: All Episodes of Swaragini.)

After that, Kavita told them that she came there to help them in household work. But Sujata told her to rest. However, Kavita empasized to help citing that it is her duty. Just then, Ragini entered and said that Sujata is right and she should rest and don’t worry about the work.

Swaragini 6th January 2016

Then, the events took suprising turn. Ragini asked Annapurna, Sujata, and Uttara to take rest only as the work will be done by servants from today. Further, she told Annapurna that she is going to attend her mother’s ‘barsi’. Kavita said that she recently saw her mother. Ragini clarified that she was Swara’s mother and her own mother died after falling from the stairs. Sujata said that everything seemed to have changed since the entry of Kavita. Annapurna asked Swara as who brought her here.

Sanskar asked Swara to think about their present love and said that Kavita is his past. Swara insisted on not to forget her citing that he is lucky to have her back. She added that there is nobody to take care of her at her home. Then, she shut his mouth by her hand and asked to not say anything further which could make her weak.

Swaragini 6th January 2016

Sanskar agreed and asked her if she wanted anything from him. She asked him to feel the feelings of Kavita. She asked him to have a closer look and give a thought about his old love irrespective of what people say or Swara’s own feelings itself. Sujata added that she is not going to snatch anything from Swara as she has done a lot for the family and her favors can’t be overdo. Annapurna also said that Sanskar loves Swara.

Sujata added that he loves Kavita too and her own thinking has changed for quite some time since in the past. Further, she said when Kavita has returned to marry him, she would support her and not back-off as she was his first love. Annapurna clarified to her that Swara and Sanskar are true life partners in real sense as they supported each other when no one believed in them and moreover, they have married with all rituals and customs. She asked Sujata to leave that decision on Sanskar.

Swaragini 6th January 2016

Sawra completed all the arrangement for pooja. Dadi gave food to Dada and asked to give him medicines. Dada ji scolded her for staying so long at Ragini’s in-laws home and she didn’t even bothered about him and misbehaved with them. Dada ji said that Shekhar told him everything what happened there. Then, Ragini arrived.

Swara handedover the photo frame to her and said that Ragini used to place garland on it. Lakshya came and sat for puja. As the puja was started by Pandit ji, Ragini got emotional and started crying on the occasion. Then, Panditji asked them to do ‘daan’. Shekhar did the same. Further, he asked the family to give the ‘bhog’ to crows and then, he said everyone to meditate for some time. Just as one crow came to have that ‘bhag’, a lady ruined it by spilling it. Pandit asked her why she did it.

She was ragini’s mother’s sister Urvashi. Ragini asked her Urvashi maasi that why did she spill it. Pandit said that the pooja has ruined. Swara tried to give explanation that she might have done it by mistake. Urvashi said that why are they doing this ‘pind daan’ as her sister and jiju are still unhappy as she (Ragini’s mother) told herself to her. Everybody got shocked.

Swaragini 6th January 2016

There, Sanskar recalled Swara saying that she don’t love him anymore and reminding him of Kavita’s love. Durga Prasad called Sanskar and said that he wanted to have a serious talk with him. Sanskar asked him what was it? Durga Prasad said that he can understand what he might be feeling now with the Kavita’s return in his life. Kavita said that they should marry now. It shocked Sanskar.

Kavita clarified her action citing that she can’t stay there for long. She asked blessings from Annapurna. However, Sujata agreed and said that Kavita wanted to have engagement ceremony tomorrow itself. Meanwhile, Durga Prasad asked her to leave that decision on Sanskar. Annapuran also asked Kavita to give some time to him to think. To the suprise of everyone, he agreed thinking of Swara’s words.

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