Swaragini 6th October 2015 Colors TV: Swara-Sanskar Get Married; Lakshya Knows Ragini’s Truth


Swaragini 6th October 2015 2015: In today’s episode, Ragini made Swara and Sanskar to get ready for their marriage. Eventually, the wedding took place successfully. In the meantime, Lakshya got to know Ragini’s truth but arrived late to Maheshwari house. Hence, he couldn’t stop the Sanskar-Swara from getting married.

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The Tuesday’s episode started with Pandit Ji asking both bride and groom – Swara and Sanskar to come down quickly for the perfect time. Sanskar asked Swara as she looked tensed. Then, she hinted him towards Ragini. To this, he got angry, but she stopped him from doing anything by holding his hand. Then, he asked her what had happened? He asked her if Ragini has done something wrong this time too. Swara replied that she has threatened her to kill her mother if they both don’t get married.

Swaragini 6th October 2015

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Parineeta asked both of them to sit down for the proceedings to take place. Sanskar was both angry and shocked while Ragini appeared very tensed. However, Sanskar and Swara sat down and Pandit ji started the proceedings with mantras.

Sanskar said to Swara that Ragini is adamant to do either of the two things, their marriage or to reveal their fake marriage truth. Swara said that Lakshya trusts her now and everyone will come to know the reality, but as of now, she felt helpless. She said to Sanskar that Lakshya is the only person who can stop all of this from happening.

Meanwhile, Sumi who was Dadi’s prisoner tried to escape as she can’t let her daughter to go through this difficult time and make any mistake. Thinking of all of this, she tried to free herself.

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In the meantime, Lakshya who was thinking to reach the house as soon as possible, experienced traffic jam on the road and got stuck. He asked one inspector about the situation, then the inspector replied that the road is blocked for the security of the people. It would be dangerous for whosoever try to go from the inside.

On the other hand, Lakshya tried hard to pass through the road block. Thus, he paid a driver some extra bucks who promised him to take him back to his home. Lakshya got out of the car and slowly and steadily, he started running.

Swaragini 6th October 2015

In Maheshwar house, Sumi continuously tried to get herself free for the Dadi’s custody. Ragini again threatened Swara by saying something silently and moreover by showing some kind of offer. Dadi arrived at the place where Sumi was kept captive.  As she got successful in untieing her hand, Dadi arrived. Meanwhile, Pandit ji continued the recitation of the mantras.

Swara told Sanskar that they don’t have any other way of doing it. Hearing it, Sanskar said that he wouldn’t let Ragini to do things as per her plan. Then, Swara cried. Sanskar stated that they have come together for their goal. Swara said that that she doesn’t trust her sister anymore.

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Sanskar reminded Swara that both of them have been tied in this relationship in order to reveal Ragini’s reality to everyone. But said that she is more important to him. And added that he can’t let this happen and apologized to her. All of a sudden, he stood up but sat down again remembering Ragini’s threat call.

Swaragini 6th October 2015

Pandit ji asked the family members of Swara to do Kanya Daan. As no one was there from Swara’s family, thus, Durga Prasad and Annapurna did it. Meanwhile, Lakshya was trying hard and running to reach the mandap as soon as possible. He came across a jug full of water and drank water. Later on, he saw a man parking his bike. Somehow Lakshya got the keys of that bike and then drove it to reach home.

On the other hand, Dadi picked the clothes and walked away while Sumi successfully opened the rope and freed her. While leaving, she saw Dadi standing to resist her from going away. Sumi requested her to let her go but in vain, then she pushed her on the ground and eloped. Then, Dadi called Ragini to inform her about Sumi’s eloping.

Whereas in Maheshwari house, Pandit ji asked the family members to do the Ghat-Bandhan of both the bride and the groom. Parineeta came forward and did it. On call, Ragini asked her Dadi that how can she let her go away simply? Dadi replied that she tried to not to let her flee, but she did forcefully. Then, Ragini disconnected the call.

Swaragini 6th October 2015

On the other hand, Lakshya is seen driving the bike as fast as he could. Pandit ji asked Swara-Sanskar to get ready for the pheras. They started taking pheras while Ragini was still tensed and showered flowers on them. Swara was still eyeing on the doors waiting for Lakshya to come at the earliest. In the next frame, the bike stops and Lakshya got down and shouted. While Sumi who was on her way to Swara’s wedding fainted on the road.

Lakshya continued to run towards the house while Swara and Sanskar were still hoping for the Lakshya’s arrival to stop their marriage. Just as he reached to the mandap, Pandit ji declared that they have completed all the seven pheras and asked them to sit down. After that he asked Sanskar to do the mangal sutra and filling of maang’s customs. Lakshya shocked to see what has happened. Pandit ji declared that their wedding is over now and asked them to take blessings of elder ones. While, Ragini shocked to see Lakshya standing inside the house.

Lakshya asked Ragini that why didn’t she resisted Swara from doing all this. She replied that she tried but her efforts went in vain. Lakshya told everyone that he fell into the river and revealed that Swara wasn’t telling the lie. Then, he looked at Swara.

Swaragini 6th October 2015 episode ended here. Stay tuned with us for further news and updates.