Swaragini 9th March 2016 Episode 271: Kavya tried to kill Swara? Check what happened in recent episode

Swaragini 14th March 2016

In this episode of Swaragini Kavya informs Annapurna that she have fast for Mahashivratri today. Meanwhile Sujata took it as an opportunity and taunts Parineeta whether she knows the importance of the day. Kavya justified it very well.

Swaragini Wednesday Episode

They started the puja proceedings in the house. While the puja was going on, Kavya tell that she is feeling very hungry. After the prayers, Priest tell that fast is complete and he guides everyone to break their f ast.

Swaragini 9th march episode

Ragini while doing puja at the temple, spotted someone with a burn on his hand clicking her photos secretly. Laksh told Kavya to come inside, while Swara got fainted on floor. Annapurna and Sanskar tries to make her open eyes. Meanwhile, Ragini sees the man’s face who was clicking her photos. Doctor informs everyone that Swara have consumed poison. The doubt revolves around Kavya as she was the one who makes her consume malpua. Ragini keeps on following the man.

Police Inspector comes and questions Durga Prasad. While Swara opens her eyes and Sanskar told that he was scared after she fainted on the floor. Police doubts that something is wrong in the family as the girl who have assured Durga Prasad’s life is not even well here. Doctor makes Swara have medicine.

After Inspector asks her, Is she is the only one who have consumed malpua, Kavya reveals that the fact that she have also eaten the same after Swara. She furthermore assures the inspector that she have not handovered the prasad to Swara, keeping promise to Laksha for non revealing the name.  Annapurna doubts and tell her to reveal the truth, Inspector doubts on her.

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