Swaragini 9th October 2015 | Colors TV: Ragini Revealed Her Reality

Swaragini 9th October 2015: The show which airs on Colors TV featuring two females in the lead roles has got one more episode. Scroll down and get to know what happened today. It is getting on high drama, suspense, and thrill. Here’s the latest news of Swaragini.

Today’s episode started with Lakshya telling the newly married couple to go enjoy and start their new life as he has prepared farmhouse for them. He also said that it should be done so that all can move up in their lives.

Swaragini 9th October 2015

After that Lakshya asked Swara’s mother to come with him as he will drop her to home to rest as she is still unwell. Sumi tried to resist but he took her. Then, Annapurna took Sanskar to the inhouse temple and asked him to tell the truth in front of the God about their previous marriage. Sanskar replied that they actually married that time too.

Hearing him, Sujata thought that Sanskar did a sin by lying there. However, Annapurna believed and told him that if she came to know that he lied then, it will be a very bad situation for him. Swara starred at Sanskar in surprise.

Thereafter, Swara went to see his mother leaving with Lakshya. She looked at them through the window and then, all of the three looked at each other and then, Sumi left with Lakshya in his car.

Inside her room, while thinking, she said to her mother that she is sorry. She sat down crying and apologizes to her. Sanskar came there and consoled and supported her. Swara said what has she done? She proved her own mother wrong when she was speaking the truth. What shall be she thinking? Swara said to Sanskar that he lied because of her and she should be punished accordingly. Sankar tried to console her and said that she hasn’t done anything wrong. All she has done is sacrificed herself for the sake of their parents’ relationship. Then, Swara cried. Sanskar said that wrong is only done by him as she vowed wrong and lied in the temple area. Further, he added that God will punish for his crime and he will accept will accept whatever punishment he face.

Swaragini 9th October 2015

Ragini talked to her Dadi via phone call and told her that Sumi is her mother and has no complaints for her. Dadi told her that if she remains too good in future too then, Swara will far further low as she married to Sanskar to prove herself right. Ragini told her Dadi and Lakshya told everyone that they all will move ahead in their life. Then, she cut the call while saying that she will call her later on.

After that, Ragini got happy and started decorating her room. She recalled how she and Lakshya met for the very first time and while thinking about the situation, she shied and hugged the pillow saying that this is the result of very hard work done till now.

In the night, Adarsh and Parineeta brought Swara and Sanskar to the farmhouse of which Lakshya talked about. They asked them that if they need something, tell them and they left.

On the other hand, Ragini lighted a candle in the room while Lakshya is getting closer to her. “Ang Lagade Re” being played in the background and she danced on the track. Lakshya and she got intimate and kissed. Then, he lifted her and made her to rest on bed. Then, they consummate their marriage. All of a sudden, she woke up and found that this was her dream and then kept waiting for her husband to arrive at home.

Swaragini 6th October 2015

On the other hand, Lakshya was with Sumi in her house and asked her to eat something. He said to her that whatever took place today in the Maheshwari house was not at all right. Further, he added that earlier they were both trying to fake their marriage but what was the reason for which they got married in reality. He added that he is not able to understand the reason. Sumi replied to him that there was a reason, but he will not understand it at this time. Then, while leaving, he promised to set everything at its right place and asked her to call if she needed something.

While, Ragini was waiting for Lakshya at home. After some time, she called him and asked him what time he will arrive at house. Lakshya said that he was on his way back to home but Swara called him to meet for the last time. He added that, she was right so he can do at least this thing for her. Ragini replied that he is right. In return, Lakshya thanked her as she understood his feelings. While in the house, Ragini thought what was it that Swara called him for? She thought that she might have called him to apologize for kidnapping her husband.

Swaragini 9th October 2015

Swara and Sanskar were feeling uncomfortable in the farmhouse and then Lakshya arrived there. Sanskar opened the door and found Lakshya there. He called him inside and went near to Swara. Ragini confirmed the time seeing the clock and it was 9:30 pm by now. However, she tried to convince herself that he will arrive shortly. After taking a short nap, she called her husband, but the call was not reachable. She arrived farmhouse and saw that it was fully decorated. When she didn’t find him there, she call his name. Then, she saw Swara coming towards her and she asked her about him.

Swara told Ragini that she has killed Lakshya for whom she has done these many crimes. Ragini replied that she has done wrong and got to the extreme situations like trying to kill her to get Lakshya. Further, she added that Swara has done it all wrong as they have snatched Lakshya from her and then, all of a sudden, she stabbed knife in Swara’s stomach. Swara looked surprised. Lakshya opened his eyes and stood up. Ragini shocked to see him alive as by now, he knew all of her reality.

Swaragini 9th October 2015 episode ended which aired on Friday on Colors TV. Stay tuned with us for the latest news.

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