Swaragini (Swasan) Fan Fiction – Chapter 14: Love Life of Sanskar-Swara Begins


Swaragini Fan Fiction – Chapter 14 – 18th October 2015: Sanskar brings breakfast for Swara to her room. As she is still asleep so he puts the tray down. Darmiyan song plays in the background. He moves her hair from her face and places a kiss on her cheeks. Accidentally, Swaras punches Sanskaar when she wakes up and stretches her arm. Sanskar exclaims, ”Oh Swara”. Swaras apologises and Sanskar agrees to it. Swaras tells Sanskar not to make her feel guilty as it was his fault that he came to her room and kissed her on her cheeks.

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Sanskar is surprised and asks that what did he say to make her feel guilty, then he suddenly realises and asks Swara that how does she know that he kissed her when she didn’t even know that he was here in her room. Swaras gets embarrassed and says that that she didn’t know and on getting nothing more to say, hides under the blanket. He tucks in with her under the blanket and pulls her closer. Their eyes lock.

Swaragini 18th October 2015

Swara asks Sanskaar that why did he come to her in the first place. He tells her that he got her  breakfast. They get out of the Blanket. She exclaims ”Aww so sweet” and Sanskar starts feeding her when Swara asks him to eat as well with her. Sanskar agrees and nibbles food from Swara’s face and comes closer to her lips. Both of them kiss. They kiss for a while when Swara feels shy and tries to leave but Sanskar pulls her back and they hug each other. They lie down next to each other and talk about their future together when Sanskar interrupts Swara by reminding her that only two days are left for their Mehendi ceremony.


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Swara tells him that she hates  that ritual and when he asks her for the reason she tells him that it’s because she will have a very uncomfortable sleep that whole night. Sanskar says that she is crazy and so adorable on which Swara agrees. Sanskar also says that she is vain, but that’s the reason he loves her. Swara reciprocates her love by telling him that she loves him too. Sanskar then looks at Swara and when she asks him that why is he looking at her like that, he says that he praised her so much and won’t she say even a single thing about him.

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Swara says that obviously she would and tells him he is so mean, arrogant and annoying and starts hitting him with a pillow. As Sanskar is about to leave, Swara pretends that she got hurt and he comes back to her. Swara asks him that on a single pad of pain he came back to her. Sanskar tells her that it’s obvious and there is nothing to ask about it. Swara feels guilty and tells him that she was just pretending and apologises.

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Swaragini Fan Fiction – Chapter 14 – 18th October 2015

Sanskaar ignores her. Swara places her hand around Sanskar’s neck and puts his hand around her waist, hugs him, kisses him on his cheek and says sorry. Sanskaar forgives her and tells her that why did she kiss him on his cheeks and why not on lips. Swara asks him to be happy with what he got and they laugh.

Two days later.

Parineeta and Ragini come to Swara’s room and asks Swara that why isn’t she ready till now. Swara tells them that she was waiting for them as she is unable to wear this Saree / Lehenga whatever it is. Parineeta tells her that she should have called them by now but doesn’t matter. They get her ready in this Purple and Green Marwari dress. She gets her hair dressed in loose curls and looks really pretty. As she comes down Sanskaar is mesmerized on seeing her.Swara looks at him and asks him how is she looking through her expressions. Sanskar tells her that she is looking gorgeous. Swara smiles but then Sanskar teases her and signals that he is talking about Maa. Swara rolls her eyes at him. Parineeta notices them and tells them to be quiet and talk as much as they want, after the wedding. Swara gets embarrassed while everyone else laughs.

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Mehndi is put on Swara’s hands. Ragini comes and asks Swara to join for dance.Swara initially refuses but on consistent insistence by Ragini, she looks at Durga Prasad and he tells her that she can dance. Swara dances on “Jab Mehndi Lag Jave (Only Female version)”. Suddenly Kavita enters with the same NGO ladies who helped Swasan  and Sumi. Kavita asks to stop everything. Everybody looks at her and Swara stops dancing. Kavita with an evil grin on her face tells Swara that she told her she will come back and she should see whom she has brought along with her today.

Swaragini Fan Fiction – Chapter 14 – 18th October 2015

Precap: Kavita fails to separate Swara  and Sanskar. Raglak hosts their Sangeet.

Idea Credits: Munima

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