Tashan-e-Ishq 11th April 2016 Episode: Mahi is back as Devika Khanna to trap Yuvi in her love

Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq Spoiler: As we know, Tashan-e-Ishq was ready for a significant change as Mahi will make a rejoinder on the show, and her character will now be called Devika Khanna who will try to woo Yuvraj in her love to take revenge.

Yuvraj will also try to show like he is in love with her knowingly that she is none other than Mahi. Yuvraj will propose Devika Khanna and ask her for marriage, and then Devika will make him dance on her tunes.

Tashan-e-Ishq Monday Episode

In the today’s episode of Tashan-e-Ishq, we have seen how Twinkle realises that Mahi is still alive and near them. Later she got a gut feel that Mahi must be in the temple, Kunj and Twinkle goes to the temple and get a missed encounter with her in the temple. The first meeting of Twinkle with her sister was unsuccessful.

Anita friends inform her that a millionaire Devika Khanna had come in the town straight forward from London seeking a groom for her. Anita gets happy and thinks of getting rich by marrying her with Yuvi. Babee arrives in the drawing room and tells her friend to leave the house as Anita is in deep sorrows.

Kunj says Twinkle that they are going to Devika Khanna’s party to meet her for business deals regarding wedding planning. Twinkle resists from plans of attending the party but Kunj insists and gets her agreed for it, Yuvi saw them together and decided to destroy them as usual.

Twinkle and Kunj reach the side; Yuvi also reached there following them. The lights get turned off; Yuvi got a chance to complete his mission of killing Kunj. Yuvi tried to shoot Kunj standing beside him. Kunj gets aware of it as spotlights get turned on.

The host makes announcement by welcoming everyone to the Khanna empire. Devika comes in a modern attire having a veil on her face; she reveals the cover. Twinkle shouts ‘Mahi’ and tells Kunj that she had a belief that Mahi is alive.

She tried to come close to her, but the security didn’t allow her to go there. Kunj took her to have some talk. A drunk man comes and starts shouting that he wants to marry her, Devika made him get out the hall. Yuvi gets confused after seeing all this

Kunj tried to make Twinkle understand that she is not the one who is Mahi as she fall from a cliff, and they had seen her dead body too. Twinkle argues that she is sure.

A drunk man throws a bottle of wine on her, and Yuvi saved Devika Khanna by holding her in his arms. She shouts at him for touching her and gives him a business card telling she will payback for saving the life. Anita calls Yuvi and informs him about Devika Khanna.


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