Tashan-E-Ishq 12th March 2016 Episode

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th May 2016 Monday Episode

In the last episode of Tashan-E-Ishq, we have seen the revelation of the fact that Manohar has dedicated the business going in profits to her daughter in law which makes everyone shocked as Twinkle didn’t know anything about it.

Tashan e Ishq Saturday Episode

The priest comes to the house and tells Sarna and everyone that the havan will be away their all problems with the time. Twinkle comes out of her house with luggage in his end while Kunj was on the door. She comes back to her marital home after the last interaction with Yuvi. Twinkle held warmly welcomed in the house by Babee, but Usha’s rude behaviour remains unchanged.

On being asked, Twinkle justified that she is here for her father-in-law. She claims that she is ready to handle the business given by Manohar to her, and all the other members of the family have to help her in this task. (Flashback showed in which Twinkle promises her mother that she will win the trust of household by making the business more profitable)

While she moves forward to take blessings of Manohar, she does stare at Yuvi, which makes Kunj somewhat angry. Yuvi comes in her way and dares her to return to the house. She replied in anger that now it’s her turn, and she will make the moves to win her love. Yuvi happily accepted the challenge.

Twinkle comes to Manohar and touches his feets. She shows her gratefulness for giving a chance to move on following by giving the promise to make the business a real success. Kunj also comes in the room and told her that it could be better if she will come as the situations will go alright, Twinkle justifies that she is only doing what was willed by her father-in-law.

Kunj got a chance to blame her again for the Manohar’s condition and blamed her irresponsible behaviour for the current situation. She angrily replies, that she will be here and will make all the things go right at any cost and stares in his eyes. Kunj leaves the room, broken down Twinkle cries in herself.

Tashan-e-Ishq 12th March 2016

Usha was packing her bag to exit the house for pilgrimage; Babee stops her. Kunj comes and asks her; she replied that she is going for the journey of holy places for Manohar. She gave him the responsibility to take care of Manohar and told him to be aware of Twinkle.

While talking to her mother, Twinkle said that she loves Kunj a lot but not able to win his trust despite repeated efforts to woo him. Babee comes and assures full support to win the trust. Twinkle hopes for Kunj’s help in the business so that she could manage it by herself.

Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room and asks him to spare some time for her. She asked for help in the business of him, he rudely replies that she could do it for herself and doesn’t need anyone’s help. He spoofed on her by saying that she proved it by helping his father.

Twinkle asks for the album of their marriage from him to get ideas about the preparations. He instructs her to take it herself as he didn’t have time for these things. She told that she would enter the room only if he will come and tell her to do so. Kunj gave her the album and she leaves the room thanking him.

Twinkle was setting up Manohar’s study room in the office accompanied by Babee. When she was tieing up a flowers rope on the ceiling, Yuvi came and tried to disturb the stool in which she was standing upon; she falls but in arms of Kunj.

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