Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016 Wednesday Episode: Devika Khanna insults Yuvraj again and again !

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th May 2016 Monday Episode

Tashan-e-Ishq new episode is out. Twinkle and Kunj pray for Mahi. Did God listen to their prayers? See what happened next.

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016

Twinkle finds Devika and goes to her and recalls how Mahi fell off the cliff. Twinkle cries and says she will go to Mumbai and gets some peace. She will get away from Yuvi and says she will return once she gets back strength. Mahi comes there and falls unconscious. Kunj sees him and rushes to him. Mahi says when he fell off the cliff his life flashes in front of him. But Mahi holds onto a tree rather than falling off the cliff.


Mahi says I can’t face Yuvi and I am scared. Twinkle says nothing will happen to you. Kunj says now we will trap Yuvi. Yuvi will think that she is now Devika and will confess. They plan to take revenge from Yuvi. Yuvi comes to Anita and Anita says this can’t be true and thinks this might be Mahi’s plan. Yuvi confirmed saying that he has given fingerprint test.
Mahi says this is new Mahi who has a lot of confidence and he gained it from them. Kunj says we miss the old one and Twinkle says we still can’t meet the old one They say they will trap Yuvi this time fully. Yuvi calls Devika and says he wants to meet her. Yuvi says his parents want her to meet. Mahi says do you think that I will meet your parents. I must see their standards first and allow my parents to meet you. Yuvi says fine and Anita says she is arrogant.
Anita and Yuvi go to Devika’s house and find Twinkle, Kunj there. Anita shouts what are they doing here and they says they are the wedding planners for Devika’s marriage. Anita says no we can’t have them. Mahi says who is this lady and I don’t like women in high tone. Here I am the boss. Yuvi says she is my mum and Mahi/Devika asks him to keep her silent. Yuvi says his mother has brought gifts for her.

Yuvi shows jewelry and sweets. Mahi calls her servants and gifts them those jewelry. She says only my servants can wear that kind of cheap jewelry. Anita is shocked. Mahi says he wants to meet her alone. Kunj mixes some tablets in the juice and the servants give it to him. He drinks and feels dizzy. Mahi says she will take him to the waiting room. Twinkle asks Anita why is she silent today and Anita leaves angrily. Yuvi wakes up and he gets headache. He finds a silhouette and calls Devika. He sees everything dark and gets scared.

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