Tashan-e-Ishq 15th March 2016 Episode: Is it a phase of Twinkle and Kunj relationship ?

Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016

In this episode of Tashan-e-Ishq we have seen, Twinkle bets to Babee that Kunj would not come back to take her to meeting with the client. But the Babee prediction turns out into reality as he came back and decided to take Twinkle with him all the way to the meeting.

Tashan-e-Ishq Tuesday Episode

Kunj advises Twinkle to behave properly with the client before entering into the customer’s house. The client proposed them an offer if they did the sangeet planning in a well-planned manner; they will get the duty to do the rest of wedding planning.

Kunj explains his plan for the sangeet as they would have a contemporary theme with light blue color. Vikram rejects the idea. Twinkle overruled his statement and told that they could have a traditional theme with traditions and everything at its perfect place with songs.

They decided to go with Twinkle’s plan as Vikram (Client) was happy with this, Kunj admires Twinkle as his boss for a while. He told them to took an important note that the food with garlic and onion should segregate¬†with the other food.

Yuvi, who is frustrated from his recent, lose against Twinkle, somehow got confused with their love story. He decided to destroy the business at any cost and make a man follow them every time.

Twinkle apologises for speaking in the middle of his conversation; Yuvi told that it was ok since her intervention has led an active image in the client’s mind. Twinkle explains to him that she got the idea after noticing his house decorated in the traditional style and almost everything was of old times.

Tashan E Ishq 15 march, Zee TV

Kunj himself took the duty to arrange the food for the function while Twinkle took the obligation to do the decorations and all other necessary arrangements.

The man of Yuvi called him and informed him of the arrangements that were expected to be done by Kunj and Twinkle for a different kind of food. Yuvi decided to destroy there this plan too.

Yuvi burned Mahi’s dress with iron, on being asked by her. He grabs her from the mouth and throw her on the bad and advises her to speak only if he gives permission.

Twinkle informs the chef to prepare different type of food; i.e., with onion and one without it. While giving the advice to check everything perfect, Twinkle gives Kunj a long lecture on relationships. Once again the stool fall in mid of them when a worker was about to fall, they saved him jointly.

Kunj behaves rudely with the worker which makes Twinkle starts weeping out. She expects him to change as soon as possible.

Yuvi came in the Manohar’s room and told him that he is going to destroy the new business of Twinkle and Kunj after insulting them in the sangeet ceremony.

In the sangeet ceremony, only one type of food was present which makes the owner get angry and throw the couple out of the function. Kunj told that he will refund all the money but don’t dare to touch his wife.

They both went out of the venue and someone called Yuvi that work is done.

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