Tashan-e-Ishq 16th March 2016 Episode: Twinkle comes to know about Yuvi’s ugly truth !

Tashan-e-Ishq 25th June 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th March 2016: In the last episode of Tashan-E-Ishq, we have seen how Kunj and Twinkle entirely plan for perfect sangeet arrangements for Mr. Vikram’s daughter marriage but failed in arranging the food properly (Because of Yuvi), and they threw outside the hall.

Tashan-e-Ishq Wednesday Episode

Tanu and Kunj blame themselves after getting rejected from their first order, and they found themselves guilty of destroying Manohar’s business. (see: TeI Yesterday Episode.)

A Goon was going kidnapping a wedding planner for her daughter’s wedding celebrations. Accidently he encounters with Twinkle because of which the kidnapped wedding planner ran away, and she offers him service to make the arrangements. The goon conditionally tells her that if she will fail to do so, he is going to cut her tongue.

Twinkle comes to the house and explains same to Babbe. She advised her to be in distance with such things. Twinkle describes her primary concern as conveying the same to Kunj. When Kunj comes back to the home, Babee told him that Twinkle has taken the contract of their neighbor Chaudhari (Goon)’s daughter’s wedding planning. Kunj slams her for doing so. On the call, the Goon give warning to her to be at his house. (see: TeI All Episodes.)


Twinkle explains her situation to Manohar. Meanwhile, Kunj listens her describing her problem. He decided to help her as his father’s goodwill is attached to this contract. She hopes that everything will go alright.

In the morning, Twinkle found a note of Kunj that he was gone to meet the client and want her to follow up. She reaches the door and listens Yuvi talking to someone, she came to know about his evil plans and decided to do something.

To prank with Yuvi, Twinkle told Babee loudly (So that it could be audible by Yuvi) that they are Kunj is going to Hisar and she will go Hagvare.  Yuvi tried to follow her on the way but stopped by Babee and Mahi for the pooja.

While riding the bike, Kunj spotted a girl going to commit suicide. Kunj tried to save her but she jumps in well and a successful attempt by our hero. He saved the girl and she started looking at him in teary eyes.

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