Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd March 2016 Episode: Yuvi falls in his own trap for Twinkle; Kunj returns house !

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th May 2016 Monday Episode

In this episode of Tashan-e-Ishq, Chaudhary insists Twinkle do the preparations for the marriage in one day as Holi was also falling on the following day.

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Tashan-e-Ishq Wednesday Episode

Kunj informs Twinkle that Rajo has given him the address of Raja, and it’s his responsibility now to bring him back at any cost. Kunj reveals his intention of telling the truth to Chaudhary in case the situations would go wrong. Twinkle assures him support at every stage of life. He smirks holi colors on Twinkle’s face before leaving the place.

Chaudhary gives warning to Twinkle after Sangram was not able to find Kunj all over the house. She assures him that everything is fine, and he went market to get some goodies.

At Last, Rajo’s humanity arrived, and she rethinks how she has trapped Kunj into all this. She also leaves the house to find out Kunj and Raja in no time.

When Chaudhary and Sangram were frustrated of missing Kunj. Jiji arrived and informed that Rajo has also gone missing. Twinkle got tensed after listening to this, as she is alone now.

The Devils Entry, Yuvi come in the house playing dhol for holi function. A flashback shown in which he has seen them hiding in the truck and to plan something evil. He comes to Twinkle and reveals that he have kidnapped Kunj, and he will not be able to find Raja.

Surprisingly Yuvi turns out to be the nephew of Chaudhary; Chaudhary explains the whole story to him. He flames up the fire by saying that he have seen Kunj going to Delhi on a bus today morning. Twinkle listens to everything. Yuvi has planned with his people drop him at the bus stop and get Kunj killed on bus stop by Sangram.

Sangram brought Kunj back in the house and handled him to Chaudhary. He drags him through the collar and blames him for Rajo’s suicidal attempt.

Chaudhary tried to kill him with his sword, suddenly Twinkle came in between and saved him. She reveals the fact that they aren’t siblings rather Husband and Wife. Twinkle told Chaudhary that she wasn’t going to anything happen to him.

They hugged each other; Chaudhary was about to attack Twinkle, but Kunj holds up his hand. Twinkle shocked him by revealing the whole story how they have saved his daughter’s life and tried to make everything going to smooth.

Yuvi got tensed for Twinkle as Chaudhary didn’t accept the fact and even wants to kill them both. He intervened and told him to leave Twinkle and kill Kunj only. Chaudhary throws both of them in a store room, and Yuvi thinks to rescue Twinkle somehow.

Twinkle and Kunj blames themselves for this situation. Yuvi wonders to find out the way to open locked room.

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