Tashan-e-Ishq 25th March 2016 Episode: Finally ! Kunj and Twinkle got success in their mission

Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016

In the Friday episode of Tashan-E-Ishq Yuvi and Sangram, who were searching for Kunj and Twinkle, found a hut where they were hiding. They came near the hut slowly and searched around. He founds the handcuffs and instructs Sangram to keep looking as they must not be far away.

Tashan-e-Ishq Friday Episode

Kunj and Twinkle took lift from a truck driver as she was tired running all the way through a jungle. Truck driver later turns out to be an agent of Sangram and informs him about their presence.

Mahi thinks that she has turned such a coward in life that she can’t even do suicide. Suddenly driver stops the truck and Chaudhary comes from opposite side along with Raja and Rajo. Chaudhary proposes to execute Raja first because he has played with feelings of her daughter.

Kunj tries to explain to him that the situations might be wrong but killing own children because of customs and traditions is not justified. Goons of Chaudhary hung Raja up on a tree to kill him but at the correct time, Kunj came and tried to save him.

As soon as Kunj ran to save him, Yuvi fires a shot on him. Instead of Kunj, the bullet got Rajo’s hand injured. As she came in between the bullet and Chaudhary, everyone got tensed about him, and Yuvi runs away as he may be the next now to be killed.

The doctor informs everyone that Rajo is all okay now, and she is recovering very soon. Twinkle slams Chaudhary for trying to kill her daughter and how she have saved his life. She tried to convince him that the rituals are only increasing the distances between families.

Chaudhary came to Rajo and pleaded her for forgiving him for such bad treatment. He assures that he will get both of them married very soon. He tells Twinkle to start preparations for the marriage, and everything should be perfect. Kunj also appreciates Twinkle for her fast thinking in this case.

Kunj apologises her for not believing in Manohar’s case. He tells her to comeback home now with all the happiness. Rajo appreciates their chemistry and told that every couple should learn something from them.

Kunj brings Raja in the wedding hall while Twinkle came with Rajo. They both blames each other in a cute fight for pretty things like time taken in shower etc.

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