Tashan-e-Ishq 26th March 2016 Episode: Manohar wakes up from coma; Gave blessings to Twinkle and Kunj

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th May 2016 Monday Episode

Today’s episode of Tashan-e-Ishq starts with marriage proceedings of Rajo and Raja’s marriage were happening in the house. Kunj and Twinkle shares a small argument on who is what in their lives, where Twinkle slams him for being an old style and Kunj claims she as a problem’s epicentre.

Tashan-e-Ishq Saturday Episode

After the marriage, they come to the holy file and took rounds as per rituals. They shared some romantic moments while having the rounds of fire expressing each other’s importance in the other’s life. They both tells each other ‘I love you’ expressing the love after taking rounds.

They hugged each other and recalled their first meeting and first dance. Kunj caresses Twinkle’s face and kisses her forehead.

Raman and Pinni were fighting in the house because as per Raman intelligent people watches cricket while Pinni thinks of watching serials. TV commercials of the show ‘Vishkanya’ starting soon on Zee TV revealed. They both get agreed to look at the show together. (Also See: Tashan-e-Ishq Last Episode)

Kunj comes back in Manohar’s room with Twinkle; she dedicated their first payment cheque by putting it in their feets. Usha came in the room and started blaming Twinkle for not having a single word of shame before showing her face in this house.

Kunj told her to stop all this as they can’t remain angry all the life and she hasn’t done all this deliberately. Kunj insists her to accept Twinkle by heart because the video was leaked by Yuvi and he was the one who is responsible for Manohar’s condition.

Yuvi comes back to the house to do his drama once again. Babee tried to make Twinkle understand that Usha will accept her with time. On being asked by Leela, Kunj commits that he will not allow him to touch his family. Yuvi enters in the house thinking that he will take away their love.

Kunj tells Twinkle that Mahi will have to understand the situation, I will handle her. Yuvi plans of destroying the whole family in some upcoming days. Leela instructs Kunj to convince Mahi first. Kunj tells them that one ritual left in their marriage proceedings and now he have to fulfill that tradition. Leela and Babee asked him about that. (Also See: Saath Nibhana Saathiya Latest Episode)

Twinkle comes to Mahi’s room where she accepted the fact that he was just using her to take revenge from Twinkle. Mahi apologises her for doing such a blunder mistake and not listening to her. Twinkle repeatedly pleads her for opening the room but she rejected all the requests, Yuvi comes to her and advised her to give her some personal space.Manohar recovered from Coma and praises Yuvi and Twinkle for taking their business up successfully. Twinkle explains him who did Usha has prayed for her all the time and

Manohar recovered from Coma and praises Yuvi and Twinkle for taking their business up successfully. Twinkle explains him who did Usha has prayed for her all the time and Babee praised her for doing such a great work. Manohar calls them and gives them his blessings, Babee slammed Usha for trying to build gap between two loving birds with pointless accusation.

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