Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016 Friday Episode: Kunj Takes Award

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016: Kunj says his wife is responsible for this award and says he would like to thank her and goes and hugs her. Twinkle smiles and Yuvi sees them together and thanks, God. (check: Kumkum Bhagya.)

Yuvi says he should be careful and ready to protect them as mom can plan anything. Kunj friends ask for a party, and Twinkle asks him the celebrate the moment with the friends.

Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016

Twinkle says she has to leave as she has kept a pooja for him. Kunj says no will do pooja in Goa. Twinkle says this is special and ties a band to his hand. She asks him not to remove that at any cost, and he says yes and holds her hands.

Twinkle says someone might see this and Kunj says let them says I am my wife’s pet and says he doesn’t care. She asks him to go with the friends and Kunj’s friends call him, and they say to Twinkle that they will leave him be evening.

Kunj goes and turns and sees Twinkle flying kisses for him. Yuvi says Twinkle will not let anything happen to Kunj and says he too will protect them from the outside from his Mom’s threats.

Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016

Twinkle comes to the room and thinks to start the pooja. Kunj gets a call from a man, and the man asks him to come to the beach side or else he will not see Twinkle anymore. He asks Kunj not to call Twinkle. Kunj immediately leaves the hotel, and Yui sees him leaving. He thinks where is Twinkle and says he mentioned her to be with him always. Yuvi follows him.

Twinkle tries to light the Diya, but the matchstick doesn’t catch fire. She thinks it is a bad omen and goes to the Mandir. The man says to Anita that Kunj has come, and Anita says let the game begin. Kunj meets the man and tries to hit him. The man asks him to go on the boat or else Twinkle will die.

Yuvi thinks this might be Anita’s plan and sees her hiding in the bushes. He tries to stop Kunj and goes behind him in another boat. Anita sees Yuvi there and thinks what is he doing here and says Kunj will die today. Twinkle talks to the Pandit and the Pandit ask her to call Kunj and Twinkle gets Kunj’s phone not reachable.

Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016

The boat rider asks Kunj to switch the boats and Kunj jumps in another boat. Yuvi is following him. Anita is watching everything in binoculars, and Yuvi jumps in jumps in Kunj’s boat. Kunj says so it was you and holds hi collar.

Yuvi says you got me wrong and said my mom is doing everything and says she is trying to kill you. Kunj says Twinkle’s life is in danger and asks him to move out of the way. Anita says we will go with plan B.

Twinkle’s saree catches fire, and she tries to put off them. Twinkle is shocked and Kunj attempts to start the boat, and Yuvi asks him to take the other boat and turn back. Yuvi says, Twinkle is fine and says his life is in danger.

Kunj says he will never trust Yuvi. Yuvi asks him to understand, and Kunj hits Yuvi. Yuvi doesn’t fight back. The shooter shoots Kunj in the chest, and Kunj gets stunned and sees blood from his chest. Anita smirks seeing this.

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