Tashan-e-Ishq 28th March 2016 Episode: Kunj throws Yuvi away from the house for trying to kill him !

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th June 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq Latest Episode: Babee told Cherry to bring the ring from the room as he has forgotten the ring in the room with which they are expected to complete the last ritual of the marriage.

Tashan-e-Ishq Monday Episode

Kunj took Twinkle in a corner and asked her for a kiss before completing the final ritual. Kunj tried to kiss her, and she put something in his mouth and told him to earn the kiss himself. Kunj accepted the challenge of finding the ring before him.

Leela comes in Mahi’s room and apologizes her for not being able to expose Yuvi in front of her. Mahi also believes that she was herself wrong because everyone was trying to guide her from the very start. Mahi asked for some personal space. Mahi cries while Leela repeatedly sought to make her believe that she equally well wished for her. (Also See: Batman vs Superman Collections)

Usha comes to the hall and stops the rituals. Usha gives her ring which she had specially designed for Kunj’s wife and hadn’t got a chance to give her ever before. Twinkle smirks listening to this and Usha apologizes her for misunderstanding everything. All gets emotional as they both hugged and shared some emotional moments. Usha said she was proud of getting a daughter like her. They started the game.

Twinkle challenges Kunj of winning the match. They both put their hands in a tub filled with milk to find out the missing ring in the tub. Leela supports Kunj while Usha supports Twinkle. Pinni got confused after listening all this; Raman advised her to use less brain. Kunj finds the ring first, on which Usha commented that only Twinkle is going to get the ring.  (Also See: Tashan E Ishq Last Episode)

All family members started dancing as part of celebrations of competing for all rituals. While Cherry comes with cold drinks mixed with wine. Raman asked him to come, and he left the fused wine glass there only. Kunj again tried to kiss her during the dance but unable to does so because she resists. They both came tired near the wine’s glass and accidently drank it one by one.

In the room, Twinkle generates a theory that nose will come in between if they both kiss each other. Kunj tells her that nose won’t go in there between and tried to kiss her again but unable to do so because nose comes in between.

They listened a sound when they were on the sofa close to each other. It was Yuvi having an argument with Babee to enter the house. He tried to push himself to the house using Mahi’s card, but Mahi didn’t reply him. Twinkle told him to get lost and Kunj throws him away from the house.

In the next episode of Tashan-e-Ishq a furious argument between Yuvi and Kunj.

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