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Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq Tuesday Episode: Kunj throws away Yuvi from the house and closes the door. Yuvi starts thinking of a method to make up Mahi again to enter the house.  Yuvi came in Mahi’s room from the window and started apologising to her. He tried to make her think that he loved her but Mahi resists and denied to walk anymore with him.


Yuvi sought to blackmail her emotionally by saying that he was drunk in the pool that night, and he was not in his sense, Mahi just advised him to get lost as she didn’t have any trust in him. Then he raised emotional blackmail to next level by offering to kill him, but Mahi told him to get lost.

Twinkle waked up Kunj early morning and shared some romantic moments with him remembering the last night when they were quite close. Kunj tried to kiss her once again but she resisted and told her to have the shower immediately, and she is going to bring coffee for him.

Anita and Yuvi discuss the upcoming plan to woo Mahi once again to enter the house; Yuvi told that he could easily come in the house as Kunj will readily forgive me.

During the breakfast, Twinkle reminds everyone that tomorrow is Usha and Manohar’s anniversary and they should celebrate it together. Usha resists the plan, but Manohar supports to have grand celebrations.

Kunj passes a flying kiss to Twinkle, and she started blushing out. They decided to go for shopping after some time. Kunj taunts Twinkle by saying that he is lucky because his wife listens to him.

Leela calls Mahi and asks what she is hiding; Mahi rejects to tell anything and cut the phone by saying I love You Maa.

Yuvi came to RT and started begging to him to ask for an apology from Mahi on his behalf. RT denied to do such a thing, but Yuvi starts emotionally blackmailing him with Anita that he is going to commit suicide if she does not make her mind up. RT agrees to ask Mahi on his behalf. Yuvi tells Anita that Mahi won’t reveal anything to his father.

Leela and RT argue over the fact whether Yuvi is a crook or a lover. RT didn’t listen to her and accepted to make Mahi’s mind, He comes to the house with Anita and starts making up her mind blaming Kunj.

Kunj and Twinkle both plans to have some fun with each other without telling the another. When Kunj was packing his bag, Twinkle decided to tease him. She comes to him and tells him that she want to say something. (Also See: Tashan-E-Ishq Last Episode)

Anita came to Mahi and started making her mind that Yuvi loves her a lot, and he is the pain because she has ditched him. Mahi gets agreed to meet Yuvi once after RT repeatedly tells him to do so. She internally thinks just because she can’t break his heart; she got agreed for it.

Twinkle gives Kunj his lunchbox, and he leaves for the office. Kunj slammed her for breaking the promise, she decided to do it in a better way after decorating the room and other stuff.

In the next episode of Tashan-E-Ishq a close contact between Kunj and Twinkle would be seen, what will Yuvi do now to separate them?

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