Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016: Yuvi blamed Twinkle for Mahi’s murder

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th June 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016: , Yuvi pulled rope when Twinkle was hugging Mahi. Mahi falls from the cliff and gets seriously injured. All family members started shouting for help.

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Kunj comes to her and asks how all this happen. Anita works on the plan and informs police that Mahi has thrown her sister from the cliff.

Other family members including Usha started blaming her for all this. Kunj also terms her reaction as ‘cheap’. Anita lies that Twinkle had thrown Mahi from the cliff and kept on blaming her for killing Mahi again and again. (Also See: Last Episode of Tashan-e-Ishq )

Twinkle reveals the fact that Yuvi had killed Mahi, on which Anita responds that Yuvi is not here and how can he kill her sister. Anita tells Kunj that Yuvi is all on his way, and he loves Mahi a lot. Kunj came to know that Anita was with her in this plan.

Yuvi came there and started acting like he didn’t do anything.  Everyone else blames Yuvi for the murder, but he tried to kill Twinkle also because she is the only advocate of the assassination. Kunj saves Twinkle and advises Yuvi to stay away from her.

Inspector comes and arrests Twinkle as proofs were against her and she was seen last time touching Mahi’s body. In the whole scenario, Police didn’t even bothered to check for Mahi’s body once. Leela falls on the floor watching Twinkle getting arrested for nothing.

Kunj called up the lawyer and told him to prepare documents for Twinkle’s bail; he assures Leela that Twinkle will be freed up soon. RT gives his as flop as always entry blaming Twinkle for taking her life. Leela told him to stop all this drama as both sisters had loved each other a lot and they can’t let this happen.

Anita says Yuvi that she has prepared Mahi’s room in a way that Inspector will check them once and everything would be in their favour.

Inspector comes to the house and found a diary in which it was written that Twinkle is trying to break Mahi and Yuvi’s relationship. Kunj gets shocked after reading out the diary.

Tashan-e-Ishq New Series Review: The series is getting too much out of common sense. It wouldn’t be good if the basic concepts would be skipped.

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