Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016 Tuesday Episode: Twinkle believes that Kunj is alive

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016
 Tashan-e-Ishq new episode is out. Yuvi is tracing Anita. Did he find her? Did the divers find Kunj’s body? Take a look at what happened next.
The episode begins with Yuvi thinking that Anita must have hidden in that place where she used to hide when her papa used to scold her. Twinkle, Leela and Babee rush to the police station and the officer says that the divers couldn’t find the body yet. Twinkle says he will be fine and Leela thinks Anita has crossed the limits and says she will settle the score with Yuvi.

Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq 17th May 2016

Usha cries and asks Manohar why did Twinkle allow Kunj to go alone? Manohar asks not to worry. Twinkle and others leave and find a church and go there. Yuvi doesn’t find Anita and thinks he will find her no matter what. Twinkle bring others to the church and says if we pray with a true heart, god will listen to our wishes and will grant them all. Babee says maybe we should go to Gurudvarah.

Twinkle says all gods are same and they pray. Babbe says she felt peace here and Twinkle prays saying if the flower falls on her, the she admits that god has listened to her prayer but the flower doesn’t fall on her. Twinkle says she believes in Kunj and they start to leave. Wind blows and flower falls on her. They get elated and gets a call from the police to come and see a rescued man. They all rush to the hospital.

Twinkle and others come to know that a girl’s husband is also lost and the man can either be Twinkle’s husband or the other girl’s husband. The receptionist asks them to wait. Twinkle talks to other girl saying they are on the same boat now and asks her to be strong. They go inside and find Jatin, the other girl’s husband. Babee and Leela collapse. Twinkle shows her composure and officer says if they don’t find Kunj’s body by tomorrow, they might have to close the case and officially declare Kunj as dead.

Twinkle asks him to find Kunj no matter what and he says he will do his best. Yuvi is at beach site and thinks why di Anita do this and thinks what happiness did she achieve. He says she will catch her even she is in patalok. Manohar says to the officer that he doubts Yuvraj.

Anita calls Yuvi and says Manohar has come to India and has doubted Yuvi. She asks him to fly away from Goa. Yuvi asks her not to show fake concern and asks her to surrender. Anita says she will not and Yuvi says he will get her arrested. The officer says to Manohar that he will see into it. Twinkle says Kunj told me that we are soulmate and says he will not leave her behind.

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  1. Plz kunj n twinkle ka he pair ho nt we yuvraj….they look best more..
    n if kunj changes n he returns back wd a negative role…n twinkle decides to marry yuvraj..then ths show wld b spoiled..I will stop watching ths..

  2. twinkle and kunj are so cute and knuj is alive twinkle because the person that come behine you is kunj so don’t worry and kunj but he change his name into rocky singh so plz don’t hurt his heart he will come back for his drame queen forget yuvi plz love you guys expect yuvi

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