Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd June 2016 Friday Episode: Twinkle Prays For Kunj To Come Back To Life

Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 1st July 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd June 2016: The episode begins with Leela serving the food to Usha, Babee, and Manohar. They all look devasted and don;t like toe at anything. A few students come and say to Twinkle that it was convocation today and say Kunj has got the best student of the year award and said Kunj even made a note for them. (check: TeI Last Episode.)

One of the students reads out the not which says Kunj is desperately waiting to have his mom’s dishes and dedicated his award to his father for disciplining him. Twinkle says no one wants to hear all of those. Usha stops and says I will listen as my son wants me not to cry. She says she is proud of Kunj and Twinkle asks will they eat now? They say yes.


Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd June 2016

Kunj is at the hospital nd comes back to his senses. He shouts Twinkle’s name and looks for a phone. He sees bandage to his face and throws the silver bowl. Nurse and Pallavi rush to him, and Pallavi says he wants to call someone and asks Nurse to give him a phone. (watch: Copa America 2016 Opening Ceremony.)

Kunj doesn’t get to call the number and pushes it off. Twinkle thanks the students for doing what she wanted them to do. Lela hears everything and hugs her for being so brave for her family. (check: 2016 Copa America Schedule.)

Yuvi is out of jail and meets Surjeet. He is injured very badly, and Surjeet asks him to come with him. Yuvi asks what about his work? Surjeet says his work will be done too, and Yuvi goes with Surjeet.

Pallavi asks Kunj to tell their family number so that she will call them and inform that you are here. Kunj says he doesn’t remember the number and says they live in Amritsar and asks them to find his Twinkle is she is doing ok.

Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd June 2016

Guests come to Sarna family. Bunty and Bubbly say they want Twinkle to do a marriage for them. The guests try to crack some jokes with Twinkle. They ask her to do a wedding for her. Leela, Babee recommended Twinkle to take it as she will be busy with the work and Kunj will be happy seeing her.

Twinkle says if you are all happy, then I will do it.  She thinks she has forgotten the contract papers. She goes to the room to get them and sees Bunty and Bubbly meeting Surjeet saying they have done as he said. Twinkle gets tensed.

Twinkle comes to Yuvi’s jail and asks the inspector can she talk to Yuvi? Inspector asks her to let him go or else he will make you suffer too. Twinkle goes to Yuvi, and he turns back to the wall. Twinkle asks what are you doing.

Your mother has taken away Kunj from me and now want to do more by sending Surjeet with some guests to my house. Yuvi tries to say Twinkle and I ask him to turn to her and talk. Just them a man comes and says he killed Kunj.

Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd June 2016

The inspector is shocked and says he has seen two killers for the first for one murder. Yuvi comes closer to the gate, and Twinkle is shocked to see Kunj all beaten up and injured very badly.

Yuvi says his mother might have sent him to bring him out. Yuvi says that man is lying and says he murdered Kunj. Twinkle thinks what is Yuvi doing as he has got a chance to go out.

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