Tashan-e-Ishq 6th April 2016 Wednesday Episode

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th May 2016 Monday Episode

Tashan-e-Ishq new episode is out. Yuvi goes to meet Twinkle and see what all happened next in this latest Tashan-e-Ishq episode.

Tashan-e-Ishq 6th April 2016

The episode begins with Leela going to light days near Mahi’s picture. Kunj recalls Twinkle asking him to take care of Maa. He lights diya and Leela says she is unlucky. Leela says she lost two daughters and cries saying she can’t ever see Mahi again. She asks about Twinkle and says whether the police rude to her. (watch: Kumkum Bhagya 6th Apr. 2016.)

Yuvi comes to jail and pays some cash to an officer. He goes to Twinkle’s, cell and twinkle ask him to leave or else she will call for Inspector. He says he isn’t afraid of him. He says he was missing her and wanted to see her. He says he will also come to jail so that he can sleep, eat and laugh together. Yuvi strangles her by the neck. Leela says to Kunj she doesn’t want to weaken twinkle by visiting her. Kunj pacifies her. (Also See: Last Episode of  Tashan-e-Ishq )

Yuvi asks Twinkle why does she love Kunj so much and says he might have married someone by now. Twinkle asks him to get lost, and she bites Yuvi. Yuvi says, at least, your lips touched me.

She hits his head to the cell bars. Kunj says to Leela that Twinkle isn’t so weak. She is a lioness and Leela asks him to get twinkle out soon. Twinkle says Yuvi will be in jail soon. Yuvi says she hasn’t changed, and she says as much she loves Kunj and says she hates him.

Leela says RT told her that Mahi and twinkle were getting along well. Mahi said that she even booked a room in the resort. Kunj says I want those details and will get them.

Yuvi leaves rats in Twinkle’s cell while leaving and Twinkle shouts for help. Kunj comes and gets help. The police ask how come these many rats came here. Twinkle says it must be Yuvi as he came here. Police say sorry and says he will get the cell cleaned. Kunj asks for Resort details, and she looks on.

The next morning, Twinkle is taken to magistrate office. Kunj comes to the resort and takes the CCTV footage. Kunj drives the police car and says he wants to show some clips.

The Police Officer says these might not be enough to free her. Kunj says, at least, I can get a bail. Kunj goes to Twinkle and says I told you I will get you out, and Twinkle gets glad hearing it.

Babee says Twinkle is returning, and Leela says truth can’t hide for long. Leela says to Yuvi to count his days. Yuvi gets angry and tries to talk to Twinkle and Kunj comes in between and asks him not to do it or else he will be treated in his way.


Everyone hug Twinkle in the house and Anita stares at her and throws blue color at her. Twinkle shouts why did she do that? Anita says a criminal’s place is outside the house and says I will blacken her face.

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