Tashan-e-Ishq 9th April 2016 Episode: Yuvi humiliates Twinkle in front of family members

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th June 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq new episode is out. Yuvi is trying to trap Twinkle and Kunj. Did he succeed? See what happened next.

Yuvi takes the vase and breaks it so that everyone can hear it and come. Anita says something is wrong and rushes to the room. Yuvi creates some drama as if she is fighting Yuvi. They open the door and Twinkle rushes and hugs Babe.

Yuvi says she was trying to seduce me. She is playing her lame tricks on me. Twinkle slaps him and says you are lying. Anita asks her to stop and says we have seen everything and pushes her out of the room. (Also See: Tashan-e-Ishq Last episode)

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th April 2016

Kunj comes there and Twinkle feels elated. Kunj stops her and says you can’t prove my wife guilty and says she can prove her son guilty. Kunj calls out Survi and Anita remembers how she threw out of her room. Everyone look on. Twinkle asks Survi to tell the truth behind Mahi’s brother.
Survi says she has taken money from twinkle to say this thing and says he can’t put an innocent Yuvi in trouble. Yuvi recalls Flashback where Survi calls him about Kunj asking to tell the truth.
Yuvi warns her and asks Survi to do what he says. Kunj says I knew she would cheat us and says he has got more proofs and shows the photographs. Yuvi says no one believes these photographs these days and says they can be morphed. Anita too agrees. Anita blames twinkle and Usha, Babee support Twinkle.
Kunj asks them not to show their fingers at his wife and says everyone knows about Yuvi’s character. RT stops and scolds Twinkle. Twinkle gets hurt and feels sad. Yuvi smirks and Twinkle leaves.
In the night, Babee says how can Yuvi do this and Kunj says Yuvi can go to any extent. Surjeet loves Anita and he won’t let Yuvi out of the home. Leela says she supports Twinkle and ask them to go out for some vacation. Babee and everyone insists too. Twinkle says Mumbai would be fine.
Yuvi says Kunj has made his life miserable and Anita says let them return from Mumbai and will torture them more. Yuvi says only Twinkle will return from Mumbai and that too with me. He breaks the glass and gets hurt.
Kunj and Twinkle arrive at the airport and Kunj sys he hates airports. He says since my lady luck is with me this time, my luggage arrived on time. Kunj speaks about how she stupidly she behaved and she asks him not to embarrass her with old moments. Kunj then checks on the air hostess. Twinkle asks him not to look at her like that.
Kunj says she is beautiful and says he loves beautiful things. twinkle says his choice is bad and Kunj says yes, and says he chose her. Twinkle says he was an exception and they laugh. Kunj says Maa would be happy seeing you like this. Yuvi follows them and throws a luggage at them and Twinkle pushes YKunj away and asks is he hurt. Kunj says how did this luggage fall on us. Yuvi stills follows them and the security stop him.
Twinkle says why there are so many guards here. Kunj says some VIP is here and Twinkle says she doesn’t to be here and Kunj’s says let’s leave and she feels something. Twinkle thinks is she Divya Khanna.
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