Teen Wolf Season 6 Release Date: TW S6 Spoilers Roden Confesses To Dylan O’Brien

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Cast, Plot, Predictions, TW S6 News, Updates: The season5 of “Teen Wolf” ended with a promise for the sixth installment. The order for production of the sixth season was laid out in mid-2015 and the season6 began filming in February 2016. (check: Prison Break Season 5.)

A few actors have refused to return to the show, but most of the cast is going to reprise their roles. This installment would see TeenWolf getting matured and falling in love. We would get to see more emotions along with the action in this time as compared to the previous ones. Most of what we know about TW is just speculation and rumors.

Teen Wolf Season 6

The show is expected to release its first trailer at the end of this month. The premiere of the S6 is believed to take place in the June 2017. All the previous seasons premiered in June, so it is safe to assume that this installment too, would start airing in that time of the year. The S6 would consist of 20 episodes, like the fifth installment. It would follow two arcs which would take a space of 10 episodes each.

Not much is known about the villains of this time, but the new villain would follow Stiles and Theo. The first half of this year’s show could also witness Deucalion and Ghost Riders as villains, but no villain is confirmed as of yet. Also, Theo is not going to become a good guy. So this season, we might get to see him as the villain. We never know, our predictions may even turn out to be correct.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Cast, Plot, Predictions, TW S6 News, Updates

The students would go into the senior year this time and would deal with more mature stuff. They would get acquainted with the adult aspect of life. Malia is going to return. The magnitude of her role is not yet known, but it is confirmed that she is not yet dead. Lydia Martin may not return to the show to play her character.

Teen Wolf has always had a love interest during the five years of the show, but this installment, he might not have one. He would be a lone wolf in the actual sense of the word. This was decided when Yukimura refused to come back to the show. This led the writers into making Teen Wolf’s character lonely for this season. He would be seen struggling, this time, trying to avert any crises.

“When we realized that the show wasn’t going to have Kira Yukimura this season, we wanted to ask ourselves, ‘Does Scott always need to have romance in his life to be a compelling character?’ We thought this might be a season where we don’t see that side and we see him struggling a little bit,” Davis told us.

It will return this fall on MTV. However, the date is uncertain as of now. Keep checking out this section for more updates.



  1. According to other sources your information is different from theirs so unfortunately since there information is more alike than yours I am having a harder time believing that you are correct.

    Like Arden Cho did not “refuse” to reprivise her role as Kira Yukimara the writers and Teen Wolf Team felt that her story exceeded and served its purpose. Therefore she would have probably returned if they would have continued with her character.


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