Teraa Surroor (Tera Suroor) Movie Review and Rating

Teraa Surroor 10th Day Collection 10 Days Tera Suroor 2nd Weekend / Sunday Box Office
Teraa Surroor 10th Day Collection 10 Days Tera Suroor 2nd Weekend / Sunday Box Office

Teraa Surroor is one of a perfect comeback of Himesh Reshammiya on the big screen when the industry is lacking the movies with something new in the concept. The film is entertaining and perfect time pass for this weekend. (read: Tuntari review.)

From the recent days, we have seen movies like Neerja and Airlift collecting good headlines but somewhat the main story moves based on real incidents which makes it very much predictable. However, Teraa Surroor features some twists and turns in the story which could easily catch one attention.

Himesh is famous to make films which anyone can watch, and they are watchable, his last movie The Xpose (2014) also collected positive reviews from the movie critics. The familiar catchy songs is a definite thing in Tera Suroor.

Moreover, the combination of various popular casts adds a touch in the movie’s story. Kabir Bedi is an Indian police chief; Shernaz Patel is Tara’s (Farah Karimaee, Himesh’s love) mother, Shekhar Kapur as the Indian ambassador to the country, and Naseeruddin Shah as a jailbreak expert.

Himesh is playing the role of assassin Raghu; he have to find out Anirudh Bhramin, who alleged for separating the actor with his girlfriend who is currently in the a Dublin prison on a trumped-up drug trafficking charge. The production values of the movie are rich, and every scene has captured perfectly.

The shooting in Dublin adds entertainment to the shooting of movie on different locations. There are numerous plot twists and shifts, car chases, action scenes and Gun Fight is spectral in the talkie.

The plot of the movie is well directed and cinematographed but one fact has proved after this movie, no one change expressions of our superstar’s face whether he is making love or fighting the goons, the facial expressions remain at par

Overall as Teraa Suroor Movie Review Summary it could be said that the movie is well directed for the fans of Himesh Reshammiya, being an average budget, the movie is expected to do good business at week one only. Somehow the story of an old movie, Aap Ka Surroor can be seen in a continuation concept here.

Farah Karimaee’s cast is less commendable, she was perfect on expressions but got less chance to show her talent. If she will continue work on big screens, we could expect something big here.

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  1. Nice review, you just summed up everything. We can say Himesh wouldn’t change whatever the situation may be :p

  2. Seriously, people? The movie is terrible, and don’t even get me started on the review. They couldn’t even bother to proofread it!
    The blatant spelling mistakes are plain cringeworthy. And how can ya’ll applaud a movie that is so incredibly stupid! Himesh can’t act to save his life. Just plain awful!

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