‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8 Recap – Hometown Date Eliminations

'The Bachelor' 2016: Episode 8
'The Bachelor' 2016: Episode 8

‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8 recap: The Bachelor is going through its hometown date phase, Ben Higgins has come down from 28 single girls to 4 single girls, an irony is he wants to fall in true love. So who will be the Mrs. Higgins at the end of this never ending search of ‘The Bachelor”. (see: GOA collections.)

‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8

 Hometown Date with Amanda 

It was the first ever date of Amanda and Ben in the hometown during the entire episode. Ben came to her home in the Orange country, California. But wait, the date turns special when Amanda tells him that one friend of her is going to drop off her two daughters to accompany them.

This was the long time when Amanda has not seen them since joining the reality series, they got emotional meeting each other after such a long time. They played the games and spent the time with all fun, played with sand, seagulls and the car ride. After the moment the car ride goes cranky, they returned home.

en was stressed when he found himself sitting with Amanda’s family. This gave a really bad taste in front of her parents who started doubting his capabilities thereafter.

It was a moment when Ben should make a clarification, Ben told them that initially he doesn’t want to fall in love with a mother of two. But later with time he got himself adjusted with her and started loving everything happening in the eco-circle. “The Bachelor” is now got sincere and told that he understands the responsibility and would make the promises on which he could really work.

‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8

A Date spent in Lauren’s Hometown

So the time moves on to the Lauren’s Hometown in order to understand her ways of life with a much better vision. He went Portland, Oregon to meet Lauren family. It was the day when she is going to reveal everything to her family and siblings, both of them was little nervous.

Before heading towards the meeting with the parents, they decided to make an attempt to know each other in a better way. They went to enjoy some food lounging at the trendy bar. Ben tried to make her feel more comfortable with the conditions where she remains doubtful from the bottom of her will.

Lauren is not familiar with a way to introduce a stranger to one’s family and she was little skeptical about it. But what actually happens was not less than a shock for anyone where the family welcomes Ben with so much support and easiness.

Lauren’s sister proved to be the type of patchy for Ben. He knows that she is the one who is going to entertain the interaction but she was asking really awkward questions which a boy will never expect from wife’s sister. At lasts he finally decided to spoke up, he said “I feel really lucky,” because Lauren has chosen him. Lately, he expresses his love towards her which makes a climate of love.

The first dates with interaction with the families in the hometown was good at all for ‘The Bachelor’

‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8 – Caila’s Hometown Date

The third date of ‘The Bachelor’ is going to happen with Caila’s family at her hometown Hudson, Ohio. Ben told that he have very strong feelings for her and he is expecting a retaliate to those feelings.

On the evening, they were required to go to the family and meet. They spent the leisure time in the afternoon with each other by building a playhouse inside her father’s toy company.

The apprehension of Ben increases when the family told him that Caila is a very humble girl but she wants someone of her level to spend the life. Caira told that she is gonna express her love to Ben. She was almost done to express the feelings but then she changed the last minute decision because she was feeling insecure.

‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8 – JoJo’s Hometown Date

It’s the time when “The Bachelor” have to visit for the hometown date in the Texas. She returns to home and found two dozen roses on her doorstep. It wasn’t a letter from Ben, rather an apology letter from her ex-boyfriend. He had said sorry and requests her to get back with him.

While she called him to clear the things before going for the date with Ben, she got emotional after listening hearsay from him. It was a great irony for her when her past is on a phone call and her present is standing on the door.

Ben understand that what is going on. He got somewhat worried about the current situation. Then come JoJo brother as a big problem for Ben, they explained to her that the feelings of Ben aren’t the same she feels about him. They even alleged that he has totally ‘Brainwashed’ her and she is not listening to her mind, Ben justifies.

Ban Leaves and it was the most unexpected and saddening date in hometown part of “the Bachelor” series.

‘The Bachelor’ 2016: Episode 8 – The Rose Ceremony

Amanda, Lauren, Caila, and JoJo appearance to “The Bachelor” mansion for the Episode 8 “Hometown” rose ceremony. All of them are nervous as it was a really bad feel of getting rejected. Ben have only 3 roses and there were 4 ladies in total.

Lauren gets the first rose. Ben gives the second rose to Caila, narrowing it down to just Amanda and JoJo. So, who is going to get the final rose? Ben chooses to give it to JoJo, dropping Amanda from the trial.

“I’m sorry,” he tells her.

Amanda’s not angry, but she’s a little depressed. She told that it would be better if he has told her earlier instead of calling her here on the stage.

“I’m going to miss you,” she says before leaving.

Obviously, many people must be thinking that why “The Bachelor” hasn’t eliminated JoJo, well there is a reason behind it; Write the possible reasons in comments till the next episode is out.

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