The Bachelor 2017: Top 17 Contestants Revealed; Check Who Got Eliminated on Season 21 Episode 3

The Bachelor Season 21 Week 8 Spoilers 20th February 2017
The Bachelor Season 21 Week 8 Spoilers 20th February 2017

The Bachelor 2017 top 17 contestants have been revealed with the elimination of four participants on the season 21 week 3. Below is the list of 17 remaining and four who left for home from the season 21. Scroll down and check the list out below.

Today (January 16) episode started right from where it was left off. It started right after when Nick Viall sent Liz home last week. Nick got concerned after revealing his one night stand with Liz. It happened nine months ago. He got tensed that some women may voluntarily leave after knowing it.

For the celebs and guests part, the Backstreet Boys came along with Olympians Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix, and Michelle Carter. It was a surprise appearance of BB on the show. All of them helped in making a great evening and date for The Bachelor contestants.

The Bachelor 2017 Top 17 Contestants List

  1. Corrine, 24
    Occupation: business owner
    Hometown: Miami, FL
  2. Danielle M., 31
    Occupation: neonatal nurse
    Home: Nashville, TN
  3. Rachel, 30
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
  4. Vanessa, 29
    Occupation: special education teacher
    town: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  5. Danielle L., 27
    Occ: small business owner
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  6. Astrid, 26
    Occupation: plastic surgery office manager
    Home town: Tampa, FL
  7. Jasmine G., 29
    Occ: Pro basketball dancer
    Hometown: San Francisco, CA
  8. Raven, 25
    Occupation: fashion boutique owner
    Home town: Hoxie, AR
  9. Kristina, 24
    Occ: Dental Hygienist
    Hometown: Lexington, KY
  10. Sarah, 26
    Occupation: Grade school teacher
    Home town: Newport Beach, CA
  11. Josephine, 24
    Occ: unemployed nurse
    Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
  12. Taylor, 23
    Occupation: Mental health counselor
    town: Seattle, WA
  13. Alexis, 23
    Occ: aspiring dolphin trainer
    Hometown: Secaucus, NJ
  14. Whitney, 25
    Occupation: Pilates instructor
    Home Town: Chanhassen, MN
  15. Jaimi, 28
    Occ: Chef
    Hometown: New Orleans, LA
  16. Brittany, 26
    Occupation: travel nurse
    Home town: Santa Monica, CA
  17. Christen, 25
    Occ: Wedding Videographer
    Hometown: Tulsa, OK
The Bachelor 2017 top 17 contestants
The Bachelor 2017 top 17 contestants

The Bachelor 2017 Elimination Week 3

Nick Viall sent following four contestants home in this week’s episode (16th January 2017). They were eliminated from The Bachelor 2017 after the rose ceremony.

  1. Lacey, 25
    Occupation: digital marketing manager
    Home town: New York City
  2. Hailey, 23
    Occ: Photographer
    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  3. Elizabeth, 24
    Occupation: marketing manager
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
  4. Dominique, 25
    Occ: restaurant server
    Hometown: Los Angeles
The Bachelor 2017 top 17 contestants
Nick Viall: The Bachelor 2017 top 17 contestants

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