The Bachelorette Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Birds, bowties and the bro code

The Bachelorette Season 1 Episode 1: Sam Frost, who belongs to Australia, is back again with the show to send out who are willing to date her.

It was revealed in the debut of the Australian TV series that as of now she is single and ready to mingle with someone special.

Thus, it can be understood that why she want to earn fame and an extraordinary man for her. The 26-year-old wants that people should forget her image of being a girl dumped by The Bachelor Blake Garvey.

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She was asked if she wanted to take another trip in that show once more. To this, she replied that she would love it, but only time knows.

The Bachelorette Season 1 Episode 1

The first episode of the series showed Frost meeting with 14 eligible bachelors and many of them were those who did extra efforts to make space for themselves in the show.

The men appearing on The Bachelorette, top row from left, Shane, Drew, Tony, Richie, Michael, middle row, Davey, Luke, Dave and Alex, and bottom row, David, Kayne, Will, Kieren and Sasha.Channel 10

All of them brought gifts for Frost. Collectively, they had flowers, pairs of flat shoes while one came on an electric skateboard, but the most different gift was brought by Drew and it was a barn out owl.

Regarding birds, the production staff didn’t have fine response as they refered him to be peacocking her to drive attention towards him. However, every man will try to attract her towards him.

All the 14 contestants agreed on a bro-code in the cocktail party itself. It means that they will not intefer in another man’s one-on-one time with Sam during the evening.

But as expected, it was broken soon when well-known model David interrupted plumber Dave while having conversation with Sam.

Frost left unimpressed even when David has got a long list of achievements in modelling.

David had a zoolander moment today when he confronted that he worried sometimes he “thinks too much”, quickly adding “but I don’t”. He told one of the other mates there.

Perth musician Will proved to be the most eccentric character of the bunch, making Frost laugh with a humorous song.

Sasha became the first contestant to earn the first gift from the lady as he made his first impression the best.

The first elimination round sent Shane and Luke back to their home. Now, Frost will choose a man for her first single date tomorrow night.

The Bachelorette airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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