The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 (S6E16) Finale Review

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 (S6E16) Finale Review: Season finale of season six of “The Walking Dead” was another one in the line of ninety-minute episodes, last one being episode four of the same season. (read: Quantico S1E16 review.)

In my opinion, keeping the length of the episode to a full one and a half hour wasn’t necessary, given that the finale was a bit of a letdown. In a finale episode, the audience expects a more resolving end to a part of the story and characters are given appropriate closure, this was indeed missing.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 (S6E16) Finale Review

We begin with someplace dark with holes in the wall from which light streams in, but it’s still too dark to see along with the eerie whistling of air. We revisit this same view throughout the episode. (check: List of Indians in Panama Papers.)

Next scene cuts to Morgan, who finds a lone horse. After coaxing the animal, he rides off in his search for Carol. Also, on her tail is Roman, who survived the clash with them in the last episode.

We then jump between various scenes, including a man running with all his might away from some of Roman’s team/friends. Then are a few scenes at Alexandria: Carl is not letting Enid accompany the group loading up the RV to take Maggie to the doctor.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 (S6E16) Finale Review

Enid makes his way to the RV after locking Karl up in the closet. Father Gabriel and Spencer stay behind to help guard Alexandria. They’ve got it all planned up in case there’s a problem.

Meanwhile, Morgan finds Carol in the corridor of an abandoned library and checks her for injuries. Don’t know if it is coincidence or what; it’s the place that the Saviours happen to raid. The leader of the group decides to make an example of the man we met earlier.

Our heroes on the RV too happen to arrive at the same place where the leader of the Saviour gang is going to kill the man. (Mother of a coincidence!) But the spat ends quietly with the RV backing up and taking a different route. Seriously?

This happens to be the first roadblock in the line of many that the team on RV faces. All this time, Carol and Morgan keep arguing over Carol coming back to Alexandria. After a series of roadblocks, we finally get to listen to Negan arrive and give his speech.

It was not quite as much imbibed with rants and swear words as his comic book entrance which boils down to Rick and the rest are under his command from now on. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, Negan killing someone with his bat. We’ll have to wait until the next season to see who died.


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