Top 10 Games Set in Victorian London


Have you ever wondered what the most popular Victorian-era London-themed games were?  

London, England, is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. Many of the most significant events in alternate history have taken place in the city, it was vibrant and filled with great stories to tell from stories about casino nights and the mafia to gothic vampires; and cultural upheavals are occurring at every turn. if you’re looking for casino games with a Victorian feel has what you’re looking for.  

Victorian London has become an ideal location for video games, so there is no lack of quality offerings. 

Adventure Game in Alternative Victorian Era Game 

There’s a little bit for everyone on this list, whether you’re searching for just an open-world adventure or something even more focused on stealth and mystery. In fact, most Victoria Era Games have gothic and steampunk styles that are subtle but fascinating horrors in strategy games. 

Check out this collection of Top 10 Victorian London-themed video games. 

#10. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate 

There are a few familiar aspects in the game, but there are also some new ones, all of which help shape the series’ current change in tone. 

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is the primary Assassin’s Creed series’ best visual rendition of Victorian London. In terms of Assassin’s Creed games, this is one of the best-looking ones to date. 

There is a strong sense of London’s busy city streets, as well as the noises of industry. Some of London’s most well-known sites, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Tower of London, can be seen. 

Fun, lighthearted, well-written and well-paced describe Assassin’s Creed Syndicate from the start. A strong cast of characters, innovative combat and stealth mechanics, a wealth of material, and stunning graphics make this a must-have for fans of the series. 

#9. Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun 

All video games need not be action-adventure-style. If you favour strategy and statistics, Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun may be for you. 

In 2003, the first game was launched. Every year in the Victorian era, stories are covered in the basic game. 

Player management of their country is based just on honours Europa Universals engine in Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun, which enables players to evolve into an industrialized Great Might by constructing their Military Might and Industrialization power eventually National Prestige. 

Diplomacy, Warfare, Economic & Industrial growth, Colonization, Technological Development, and Political Simulation are the primary game modes. 

#8. Fallen London 

At first, it was dubbed Echo Bazaar, but it soon became known as Fallen London because of its excellent gameplay and storyline. The Fallen London’s popularity spawned the best Victorian-era trend in a fictional city that video games love to play online. 

Fallen London’s Gothic environment is explored via a series of short story-lets, which you go through one at a time. Each of these tales leads to another story, and so on. 

It’s possible to complete the storylines in various ways, and each has its own unique twist. As a result, despite the game’s excellent plot and the fascinating universe, it is hampered by several easily remedied bugs. 

The success of Fallen London inspired Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies because of the praises it received for its world-building. 

#7. The Order: 1886 

A third-person game with an action-adventure genre, The Order: 1886 was released in 2015. It’s set in a video game world where London has a more steampunk-influenced look. 

An intriguing alternative image of Victorian London is presented in visuals; this is perhaps the most technically amazing yet on this generation’s consoles. 

While playing as Sir Galahad (a member of The Round Table), the player must safeguard London against both vampire and werewolf half breeds and any government insurrectionists that may be on the loose. 

It received mixed reviews, although many praised the Victorian mood and inventive additions to the alternative past. 

#6. Alice: Madness Returns 

On the one hand, the Victorian period is evident in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; on the other hand, the book is a time capsule of its own making in terms of how it plays with social norms through the eyes of an innocent child. 

Aside from a few minor plot points, there’s little much to say about Madness Returns other than that it is a visual and narrative masterpiece. 


Whatever comes your way, you didn’t notice yourself bored in the midst of it. 

When several adversaries are around you, moving between weapons is a lot of fun since each adversary has a unique weakness, and it’s much more exciting when you’re continuously switching between weapons. 

#5. Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey 

Taking place in 1888, this action-adventure category game was launched this year. 

Lancelot, Morgan le Fay and Mary Jane Kelly are among the historical/legendary people who appear in the series as they go through London’s seedier neighbourhoods searching for the elusive Jack the Ripper. 

Point-and-click game Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey has gameplay reminiscent of other point-and-click adventure titles. Switching between personalities isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s done really effectively. 

Furthermore, the writing is top-notch and is one of the most incredible depictions to date of the Jack the Ripper legend. 

#4. The Sherlock Holmes Series 

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are as identifiable with the narrow streets in Victorian London as with Frogwares’ long-running gaming franchise, especially as it pertains to Sherlock Holmes. 

Sherlock Holmes tales have long been a mainstay of Victorian-era fiction. The Victorian period is the setting for all eight of its most popular video game series. 

There have been seven titles produced in this series, starting with 2002’s Mystery of the Mummy, and the most recent of which is the 2016 release, The Devil’s Daughter. 

Additionally, a game based on Sherlock’s genesis narrative, titled Chapter One, is currently under development. 

#3. Bloodborne 

According to the game’s description, Bloodborne is set in the Victorian period. 

Clothing, architecture, and monsters have been linked to Victorian fantasy, terror, and literature via numerous inventive clichés. 

A mysterious endemic ailment has ravaged the city of Yharnam, and you’re on a mission to uncover the truth in this action RPG. 

There are many dungeons and caves to investigate and fight on your own or with a group of friends using the holy chalices. 

#2. The Dishonoured Series 

In the first-person stealth game, dishonoured has a cult following. The year 1837 marks the start of the Victorian Era Title, shown in the first episode of this major video game series. 

Despite its roots in the period, the stealth game set has taken a lot of creative liberty in the people and political strata of Dunwall. There are also aspects of the supernatural. 

As a result of outstanding evaluations from magazines, gamers are aware of this well-known franchise. 

There were several honours bestowed upon it, including those given in Landscape Architecture, Visual Style, and Game Direction. 

#1. The Amnesia Series: The Dark Descent 

The first-person game takes place in a terrifying castle, where the player must dodge creatures, solve puzzles, and attempt to escape while trying to figure out what’s going on. The protagonist suffers amnesia, as stated in the title. 

Using its interactive nature, this indie effort tells a narrative of terror and discovery as gripping as any story in any media. 

While Alone in the Dark has been a staple of the horror game genre for the last two decades, Amnesia forges its own route, departing from its established canon. 

Definitely, the most famous survival horror game ever made is set in the year 1839. It has received several accolades for being one of the finest horror games on the market. 

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