Twenty Four (24) Season 2 – 7th August 2016 Episode: Jai and Roshan escaped police

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 – 7th August 2016 Episode: Shinde broke the door. Jai shot at the prisoners and hide with Roshan. Aditya asked Shivani to find about Kush else Haroon would spread the virus in the entire Mumbai. Shivani’s team member got to know about a godown that was rented thrice the rate. They left for to reach that address.

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 – 7th August 2016 Episode

Kiran asked Mili’s mom to tell her if she was in any trouble as they could inform to police but got shocked on seeing Inder there.

Jai and Roshan ran away. Kush committed suicide as he held himself responsible for Mitali’s trouble. Shivani and her team reached the godown and asked everyone to wear mass.

Inder started shouting on Sarah and asked her to stop lying about him in front of neighbours. He said that she did not give her any respect. Inder started beating her. Sarah asked Kiran and Mili to run but Inder said that no one was going anywhere. Sarah insisted. Kiran and Mili ran away. Sarah fainted as Inder beats her.

All the Jail doors were closed. Roshan and Jai saw Joshi. Jai asked him to open the door but Joshi asked him to stop being mad. Inder reached Kiran’s house and started shouting them asking them to come out but they both escaped from there via window and left in the car.

Bhosle saw the CCTV footage of Jai pointing his gun at Joshi and trying to free Roshan. He alerted the security and asked for special team to handle it.

Haroon and Maya talked about Roshan. Haroon told her that Roshan would be happy to know that he saved his life. Maya said that Roshan would take over his business and called him innocent but Haroon said Roshan would not do anything and said he was talented and not innocent.

Shivani and her team reached there and shot at Chang and other goons. She asked Mitali not to worry as she there for helping them. Aditya told Shivani about Jai and Roshan and asked her to come there.

Jai and Roshan managed to run in the car. Everyone was trying to stop Jai somehow. Shivani asked for the shot at sight order as situation was getting worse.

Jai gave first aid to Joshi and said to Roshan that Joshi would help them in keeping police away. Mili fainted in the car. Kiran got worried and went to hospital taking Mili.

Gyan called Haroon and told him about Jai and Roshan and said that they were on their way to reach. Haroon got glad.

Roshan asked Jai to give him phone as he wanted to talk to Haroon but Jai denied and said that police would trace them and said that he did not want to take any risk. Gyan informed Jai about roads being blocked. Jai changed his way.

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