Udaan 10th October 2016: Suraj Won As Ranjana Gave Him Wine But He Didn’t Drink It

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 10th October 2016: Suraj came back to haveli and clapped seeing Chakor saying that she thought herself as smart. Chakor stated that he had the lost the challenge and he would leave wine forever according to the rules. He went to his room. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

Everyone clapped for Chakor. Chakor said that 5 minutes were left and after that Suraj would leave the wine. Tejaswini asked Chakor not to go anywhere till Suraj left drinking as she could not handle him with that habit alone. Ranjana thought that Chakor had to leave and she got an idea for that to make her lose the challenge.

Udaan 10th October 2016

She went and got the wine bottle for Suraj. She asked him to drink as much as he wanted as she did not want him to lose. Suraj was shocked. They heard some sound. Suraj came there and said that he won and Chakor lost as he got the wine. He stated that he did not drink, but he won. (check: Happy Dasara Wishes.)

Chakor said that she did not regret that she lost as her mission was accomplished. She then indicated that she was leaving. Suraj stopped her and stated that he would drop her. She denied and said that she did not want him to drop her.

Tejaswini said to Suraj that he was doing wrong by giving divorce to Suraj as only she could manage him. He said that by locking him in jail. Suraj said that he wanted to drop her as he wanted to trouble her for the last time. He dragged her.

Udaan 10th October 2016

Ranjana smirked and thought that Kamal would be happy knowing it. Suraj then lifted Chakor when she said that he was hurting her. She then asked him as why he was caring for her after hurting her. He got her to Kasturi house and dropped her. He told to Kasturi and Bhuvan that she was free and was happy.

Vivan said to Imli that he would take her to Navratre fair. Imli was glad. Chagan came there and told Vivan about the dance competition on Navratre function. Imli said that they had planned to go to fair and could not participate. Vivan stated that they would go to show some other time and will take part in the competition.

Suraj got angry on seeing the divorce papers and said to Imli that Chakor forgot to sign on one paper. Imli stated that they would take her sign at Navratri function.

Bhaiya ji got freed when jailer lied that he did not burn the evidence and they had no proof.

Chakor and Imli participated in dance competition. Vivan said that Chakor was top in dance. Imli fumed and said that she would come first. Suraj was also there as he came there to take Chakor’s sign on divorce papers. Imli felt bad seeing Chakor performing better and Vivan clapping for her.

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