Udaan 13th October 2016: Chakor Asked Vivan To Move and Save All Except Her

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 13th October 2016: Tejaswini was shocked to see Bhaiya Ji. He scolded her. She said that she was happy to see him, but he asked her to stop lying as she was praying for his death so that she could get that haveli. She said that she was not lying. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

She said that she and his son missed him a lot. He stated that his son missed him and said that he was the one who planned to kill him. He asked to stop her drama and indicated that she gave birth to a bad son. Suraj said that he could not believe how Bhaiya Ji was alive.

Udaan 13th October 2016

Vivan was shocked to know that Suraj wanted to kill Bhaiya Jee but Suraj told him that even Bhaiyaa Ji wanted to kill him. Vivan thought how they could save their lives. Chakor said that someone helped Bhaiya Ji as he could not do everything on his own from the jail.

Imli stated that someone from haveli had helped him. Suraj stated that he would kill the person who helped him. Imli said that they could not do anything and thought that Bhuvan and Kasturi might come there searching for them. Chakor stated that Bhaiya Ji would not let anyone come there and help them.

Ragini beat Tejaswini with a hunter. She asked her to recall the days when she used to beat her for no mistake of her. Tejaswini called out Suraj for help. She told him that he too was getting punishment. Tejaswini asked her to tell where her son was. She did not tell her and locked her in a room.

Udaan 13th October 2016

It was night, and Suraj and Vivan were tired of holding Imli and Chakor on their shoulders. Bhaiya Ji said that they all would lose. Chakor thought a lot and stated that Ragini helped BhaiyaJi as she had seen her going to jail to meet someone.

Suraj stated that she was acting being good. Vivan asked everyone to stop talking and save energy. Imli said that Ragini could stop haveli people, but Kasturi and Bhuvan could come to them. Bhuvan stated that Chakor and Imli were missing and thought that something was wrong.

Chagan came to them and told them that Vivan and Suraj were also not picking up the call. They thought to find them and left from home. Bhuvan and chagan reached the place, but Ragini came there and stopped them saying that Imli and Chakor went with Vivan and Suraj to see mountains. They went.

Chakor asked Vivan to move and let her die as they would three get save then. Everyone got shocked and said that she was not doing anything like that. Suraj stated that they would fight to death and Bhaiya Jee and asked everyone to keep strength as someone would come to see them for sure in the morning.

Chakor tried to encourage everyone and asked them to keep their courage and they would not die.

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