Udaan 14th October 2016: Villagers Shocked To See Bhaiya Ji Alive and Chakor-Imli-Suraj-Vivan Were Tied In Chains

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 14th October 2016: Bhaiya said to Ragini on anger that Suraj and Vivan did not give up till morning and they all were still alive. He saw the funerals ready and got more angry thinking that he lost and they won as Suraj was changed by love and he thought by heart and not by mind. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

Ranjana asked him not to worry as he would win. Bhaiya Ji stated that he would give them a cruel death and asked Ragini to prepare for next game. He asked her to get Tejaswini as his game was not complete without her. Bhaiya Ji went to the place where Suraj and Vivan and Imli and Chakor were kept.

Udaan 14th October 2016

He said that they would start another game. They all got shocked seeing Ragini with him. Ragini said that if they all believed Chakor, then they would have been saved that day. She asked them to have water else they would die. Everyone denied getting water from her hands.

She asked them not to get shocked as she was helping Bhaiya Ji from day 1. She laughed and said that it was good that they did not believe and became foolish on her saying. Goons got Tejaswini and Ranjana there. Suraj and Vivan got worried seeing their mothers there.

Ranjana asked Vivan not to worry for her as Bhaiya Ji was with her. She pushed Tejaswini. They all were shocked that she too was with Bhaiya Ji. She said that he was his husband, so she needs to be on his side only. She asked bhaiya to forgive Vivan for her sake. Vivan said it was disgusting to see mother cheating her own child. She said she had no options as he was standing with her enemies.

Udaan 14th October 2016

Bhaiya stated that he would kill Tejaswini but Suraj would run to save her mom as he loved her a lot. Vivan then would save Imli as he loved her. So Chakor would die first. They all laughed. Suraj asked Chakor to do what she was saying earlier. Bhaiya Ji aimed a gun at Tejaswini.

Chakor broke her thumb and got her rope open. Vivan rushed to save Tejaswini. Chakor rushed towards Bhaiya Ji and tried to take his gun away from Tejaswini. The gun hit Imli’s rope, and she freed. Suraj got down. Bhaiya said to Chakor that she would die first as she was trying to save everyone else.

He asked goons to tie all of them. He got all of them in front of villagers who gathered to celebrate poornima. Everyone was shocked to see him and that he was alive. He laughed and said that he would decide who would live in that village. They all shocked to see Chakor and Imli and Suraj and Vivan tied in chains.

Everyone apologized him. He giggled and said that it was good that they then knew where their actual place was. Chakor cried.

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