Udaan 17th October 2016: Imli aimed gun at Bhaiya Ji

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 17th October 2016: Kamal Narayan Suryavanshi (Bhaiya Ji) asked Chakor to say apologize to him. Everyone cried seeing Chakor in such a situation. He stated that he would bury Chakor alive like he did to dadi. But Kasturi asked him not to hurt Imli and Chakor. Kamal Narayan agreed. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

But he asked kids to throw stones on Chakor. They man said that he should not do such torture. He stated that he would shoot his parents if kids did not threw at her. Chakor asked the kids to do as he was saying. Bhuvan and Kasturi cried and begged him to leave their daughter.

Udaan 17th October 2016

Bhaiya ji said that he would leave Chakor, but after that, she should never be seen around haveli and if she appeared then he would bury her alive. He then turned to Imli and Suraj and Vivan and said that he would see in haveli as what he would do with them.

Ragini asked Kasturi to take Chakkor and not to worry for Imli. Everyone cried knowing that Ragini cheated them. Vivan and Imli were in their room and were shocked as what happened just within few hours. Chakor was worried that Kamal Narayan was alive as he would not let anyone live with peace.

Imli said to Vivan that she got to know that he loved her a lot. He stated that he had no one else and said that he was ashamed of her mother. She hugged him and cried. He stated that he wanted to make their love bond stronger. He said that he wanted a child as a sign of their love so that happiness could increase in their life. She nodes and hugged him.

Udaan 17th October 2016

Imli in the morning recalled Ragini’s words and took a gun from her cupboard. Bhaiya ji told Suraj and Tejaswini to massage his legs.

He called goons and asked them to shoot Suraj. Tejaswini begged him to leave her son and asked Suraj not to worry about her. Ragini came and aimed the gun at Suraj. She threatened to kill him. Imli came there and pointed a gun at Kamal Narayan. They all got shocked.

She said that game had started. Bhaiya ji stated to Suraj that killing him would not be tough. He called him mad and asked him to come next day to talk. Suraj agreed.

Chakor said to Kasturi that Kamal Narayan would not spare anyone and would kill all. But she could not let that happen. She packed their bags and asked them to leave from that village. Chakkor said that he had become more powerful and she had no way to help the people.

Chakor stated that she was scared of the contract that villagers signed as she wanted to know whether she bought people’s respect or their work. Bhaiya ji called everyone and said that he had an important task.

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