Udaan 18th October 2016 Tuesday episode: Chakor felt all the way insecure

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 18th October 2016 Tuesday episode: Bhaiya Ji said that Ragini would be his next heir. He did her aarti. Ragini smiled. Bhaiya Ji asked everyone to clap and said that everyone had to follow her commands else he would burn them alive. Vivan saw Imli there and Imli said to him that she wanted her family to be safe. She said that she would tell him everything later. Bhaiya said that Suraj would be Ragini’s helper. Suraj got angry.

Udaan 18th October 2016

Ragini was shocked but Bhaiya Ji said that he had forgiven his son. He said that Suraj and Ragini had to manage everything when he would die.

Vivan thought of doing something. Bhaiya said that Ranjana was badi malkin and asked Girja to make Tejaswini her helper. Ranjana smiled. Vivan said that he would not live with a stain to be Ranjana’s son. Vivan asked her as how she could support Bhaiya Ji who was killing her son. He said that his mom was dead and he was orphan and left from there angrily.

Udaan 18th October 2016 Tuesday episode

Imli and Tejaswini asked Suraj to be with bhaiya as he would get to know about Bhaiya Ji’s plan else they had no other way to know it. He agreed. Imli said that they need to find out as how he got out of jail. Imli said that they would win as they all were together.

Chagan told Chakor that Imli and Chakor were with them along with Vivan. Kishor asked Chakor to save all of them. They all encouraged her and asked her not to lose her confidence. Chakor agreed and said that they would win as they were together.


Ragini welcomed Bhaiya Ji in the factory. Suraj and Imli came there. He asked Suraj if he was with him or against him. Suraj said that he was with him. Chakor got shocked.

Bhaiya said that he was expecting that only from him. He hugged him and made him wear a gold chain. Chakor said to Suraj that he showed his colors. She scolded him. Ragini asked her to lower her tone. Imli too asked her to keep quiet. Chakor asked if she was also with him. Imli said yes and left from there.

Chakor got angry and said to Suraj that he would not leave him if anything happened to Chakor. Suraj got angry but Ragini stopped him and asked him not to spoil his mood. Bhaiya Ji said that Chakor spoiled his mood too and asked Suraj to call her to ground as he wanted to talk to Chakor.

Imli said to Suraj that Chakor would not come. Suraj said that they had to prove their loyalty to Bhaiya Ji and had to get Chakor. Chakor cried a lot. She thought that she had no one as Imli and Suraj were with Bhaiya Ji.

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