Udaan 18th September 2015: Imli Suffers Stomach Pain


Udaan 18th September 2015: The Episode starts with Chakor and everyone being at Rocky’s place and having a good time. Vaibhavi comes and asks Rocky who are they. Rocky says there are the angels who saved Chakor by making Choka. She smiles and recalls Babu’s words. She asks Rocky to take good care of them. Sunny and Soham tell Vaibhavi about Babu, he is finding Chakor. Nanu asks why did they not go in police. Sunny says Arjun went to police, but ACP is also with Babu. Vaibhavi says don’t worry, you all are right place, have fun. Tamasha thanks her.

He says we will be with Chakor. Chakor says I have to go Aazaadgunj with Imli. Imli says she has stomach ache and wants Kasturi’s medicines. Chakor says we will go tomorrow. Vaibhavi says she will get train ticket. Rocky says we will send Chakor if she wants to go. He reminds Chakor what he said, that he will send her to Lucknow by plane. Chakor gets glad.

Udaan 18th September 2015

Rocky says I will send all of them along. They all get glad and hug Rock. Vaibhavi thinks she will lose Chakor and worries. She goes. Chakor takes a promise from Rocky that he will never drink. Rocky says fine, I promise. Chakor hugs him. Udaan hai………….plays…………. Chakor and everyone play. Vaibhavi asks Babu to hear, all of them are celebrating in my home, this is my big failure, do something, else Rocky will send them to Lucknow. Chakor wins in carom.

Rocky says he has booked the tickets. They all jump happily. He asks them to do packing. Tamasha says we don’t have anything. Soham says Amma’s house is risky place. Chakor recalls keeping Ganpati in water there and tells them about it. She says she has to go there. Rocky says I will take her. Imli gets stomach ache. Vaibhavi says everyone gone and asks Nanu. He tells here that Rocky took them to Amma’s house, and Imli is sleeping in Rocky’s room. She gets glad seeing Imli sleeping.

Udaan 18th September 2015

Vaibhavi informs Babu to do anything with the three taporis, and asks him to catch Chakor, by managing Rocky. Babu asks her not to worry. Vaibhavi says Chakor…. And makes sweets. Munna says madam tells us easy to manage Rocky, but everyone is making fun of us, after Chakor fooled us, Rocky saved Chakor, I will kjll him. Babu stops him and asks how dare you tell this about Rocky, I will kill you. Munna says sorry. They plan to catch Chakor.

Rocky brings Chakor to Amma’s place. The people stare at her. Chakor says I m Choka, and tells everything. Rocky reminds her to get Ganpati fast. She runs to get it. Sunny and Soham stand near the car and also scold people. Sunny says we are not worried of Munna. Munna looks on and gets angry on them.

Vaibhavi asks Imli to get injection for her stomach pain, and Imli refuses. Nanu asks what is she doing. Vaibhavi says blood test is necessary to know her disease. Nanu asks Imli to take injection. Imli says no., Vaibhavi asks him to go, and asks doctor to take the blood. Imli screams. Chakor goes to Amma’s house and recalls Amma. She takes the Ganpati from there and apologizes. Babu comes there and she gets shocked seeing him.

Babu meets Vaibhavi and gives Imli’s blood report, asking her to see. Rocky comes there and Vaibhavi gets shocked.

Udaan 18th September 2015 episode ends.

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