Udaan 20th October 2016: Bhaiya Jee Threatened To Kill Vivan If He Didn’t Get Money

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 20th October 2016: Suraj asked Bhaiya Ji as how Vivan could ask them to leave haveli. Bhaiya said that to Suraj to get money and papers from Vivan else he would kill Vivaan. Imli and Suraj got shocked. Imli got worried for Vivvan. Ranjana suggested Imli to explain to Vivan as he was immature.

She said that Kamal Narayan did not forgive anyone. Imli stated that she would try. Vivan heard them. Vivaan said to her that they need to go when she tried to explain him. Vivvan asked Imli not to get worried for him. She asked him to return money to Bhaiya Ji as she was scared. He said that keeping money would save them.

Udaan 20th October 2016

Sooraj came there and said that KamalNarayan would kill him if he did not give the money. Vivan stated that he was not going to return any money. Chakor stated that villagers were not celebrating the festival as they were scared of Bhaiya Ji. But she thought that they would all celebrate as they could not leave their own festivals. She asked everyone to do preparations for Karva Chauth.

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Chakor went to meet the lawyer. She asked him as for how Kamal Narayan got free. He told her everything. She asked him about the jailer who was pressurized to change his statement. He told her.

Suraj cut the wood. Imli asked him not get his anger on woods. Suraj said that Vivaan to listen to Chakor. Imli stated that he was not listening to them then how he could listen to her. Suraj stated that he would. He asked her to send Vivvan to Chakor.

Udaan 20th October 2016

Vivan met Chakor and said that Imli told him that she was not well. Chakor stated that she was fine. He told her that he would make Bhaiya Ji out of haveli.

She asked him as for how he could decide that alone. He said that he needs him to leave else he would make everyone’s life a hell. She stated that he should not do that. She told him that he was playing a big game.

Vivan denied. She said that they were all explaining to her and he was not getting them. He stated that he did not need anyone’s advice. He left. Imli got ready and prayed for Vivan. Vivaan came there and smiled seeing her. He asked her not to worry as nothing would happen wrong. They all did the pooja.

Kasturi said that Chakor did not keep the fast, but she was eating from 2 days. The ladies stated that it would be like a fast only. Suraj and Imli wished that Kamal Narayan leaves with his man silently. He got angry when Suraj told him that Vivan did not agree. He slapped Vivan. Everyone was shocked.

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