Udaan 20th September 2016: Imli Prays To God So Vivan Never Misses Her

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 20th September 2016: Chakor saw Vivan’s picture and started crying. She thought of Imli’s words. She thought if she should get happy for Vivan or get sad for Imli. She thought to tell Vivan about Imli’s feeling, but Imli wanted her to reunite with Vivan. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

She was in a dilemma as what she should do. Suraj and Imli came there. Imli asked her to remove her mangal sutra as her relationship with him over. She was shocked to hear that as Suraj was standing in front of her. Chakor thought that it would be right to take divorce from him as she had to end that relation some day or other.

Udaan 20th September 2016

Chakor recalled her marriage when he got her mangal sutra out and cried. Imli asked Chakor not to think about anything and marry Vivan. As he always loved her. Chakor asked her not to leave her. She then asked Chakor not to think about her, but Chakor asked if she was ready to come. Imli said yes and they both cried.

Vivan was confused and wished to the Lord to help him. He felt that he was not happy as Imli was going away from him even if Chakor was coming. He then looked at Imli. She then asked her if she had to go to Lucknow. She said yes, she had to go.  He tried to stop her.

He asked her as for why she was leaving. She said that it was better for everyone that she left from there. She asked him what he wanted. Vivan stated that he did not know what he wanted. Ranjana told tejasiwini about Vivan’s and Chakor’s engagement.

Udaan 20th September 2016

Tejaswini was shocked to hear that and went. Ranjana showed Vivan’s and Chakor’s dress to Imli and asked how it was. She praised it and said that she should go to get Chakor ready. She wished Vivan and Chakor to re unite and she did not want anyone to know about her feelings as they would not be united.

Ranjana stopped Vivan and asked where she was going. She asked him if he was happy with everything. He said that he wished he could be happy, but something was changed. She asked him no to think about anything as Chakor loved him a lot. Chakor smiled seeing Vivan. He felt if he still loved Chakor or not.

Everyone reached the engagement function. Kasturi told him that she was doing great think to reunite Chakor and Vivan.  Imli thought to do something for Chakor as she had done a lot of things for her. Vivan got the ring and smiled thinking of Chakor. He then recalled marrying Imli. But he thought that he had no place for someone else other than Chakor.

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