Udaan 21 October 2016: Imli Asked Suraj To Target Her To Save Vivan

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 21st October 2016: Ragini said to Imli that she would not leave Vivan at any cost. Imli kept on begging for Vivan’s life. Suraj asked Ragini not to leave Vivan but said that their father just came from jail. Ragini stated that they would beat Vivan a lot. Vivan got beaten up. Suraj asked Imli to stand silently.

Ranjana was shocked. Imli cried seeing Vivan in that condition. Tejaswini asked Ranjana to help his son, but Bhaiya Ji asked her to shut her mouth. He said to Ranjana that he did not want to hurt Vivan but he was going against him and he could not tolerate that.

Udaan 21st October 2016

Ranjana stated that it was not his mistake and said sorry to him. Bhaiya Ji laughed. He asked Ragini to beat Vivan till he said yes to transfer money. She hit him with the belt. Imli was crying seeing Vivan. She asked Suraj to do something and told him a plan. Suraj denied and said that he could not see her getting insulted, but Imli insisted and said that she could not see Vivan getting beaten up.

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Suraj asked Ragini to stop and aimed gun at Imli. He asked Vivan to agree else he would shoot Imli. Vivan said that Suraj could not shoot her as she was her love. Suraj stated that she was and not now his love. She was a servant to him and he could do anything he wanted. He tears Imli’s sleeves. Imli cried. Vivan got angry and asked Suraj to stop. Everyone was shocked. Bhaiya Ji asked Suraj to continue. Vivan asked him to stop. Ragini and everyone were shocked. Vivan recalled his wedding vows.

Udaan 21st October 2016

Suraj asked Vivan to transfer money if he did not want to see Imli getting insulted in front of everyone. Vivan shouted him to stop and said that he was ready to transfer the money. Ragini got a call and said that money had been transferred. Bhiaya ji got happy. He spoke to Suraj that he porved that he was his son. Ragini got jealous. Imli took Vivan with him. Ranjana asked him if he was okay. He said he was fine and it was all because of her. Ranjana then left with Bhaiya Ji.

Imli applied ointment to Vivan and said that she never knew that Ragini was that bad. He recalled Suraj. He stated that he wanted to say sorry for her.  He said that Suraj should not have done that. She said that she asked him to do that. Vivan was shocked. He cried and said sorry.

Suraj went to Chakor and told her everything and stated that he was feeling guilty. Chakor asked her not to as he did all that to save Vivan’s life. She fainted. He got to know that she had not eaten for 2 days. He asked her to have food else how she would make Bhaiya Ji lose.

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