Udaan 22nd Sep 2016 Full episode: Suraj cut his hand for Vivan and Imli’s happiness

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 22nd Sep 2016 Thursday episode: Vivan was thinking as how he tells Chakor about Imli that he loved Imli and not her. He wished that Imli did not go anywhere. He wished her to understand the things by herself.

Udaan 22nd Sep 2016 Episode

Imli was packing her bags. Chakor tied a thread to her wrist and said that it would always protect her. She hugged her and started crying. Chakor wished Imli to stay happy as she did a lot for her. Imli hugged Vivan’s shirt and cried. She wished that Chakor kept Vivan always happy.

Suraj drank and thought of Imli. He was driving and then saw Vivan on the road. He saw him crying. He thought that he had to do something when Imli left from haveli a day after. Vivan came back home. Imli met him and asked him to take care of Chakor and keep her happy.

Udaan 22nd Sep 2016 Full episode: Suraj cut his hand for Vivan and Imli’s happiness

Vivan thought he loved Imli a lot and why she did not love him. He then said to Imli that she was really a good person. She thought why he did not love her if found her that good. He thought that she would stay back if he said he loved her a lot. She gave him the divorce papers. He was shocked.

She asked him to give it to lawyer once he signed them and said that she had signed them. He asked her if she really wanted him to do that. She said yes and said that he would marry happily to Chakor. She then turned and started crying. She then said that she had to leave. He hugged her and she left.

Imli took blessing from everyone and asked their permission to leave. Ranjana showed her fake emotions when Imli was leaving just to show Vivan. She then met chagan and said that she took decision in hurry and could not tell him. Chagan asked her to take care of herself. Imli said that he would soon get a wife who could take care of him.

Everyone started laughing. Imli saw bijli crying and asked her not to as she would come back on Chakor’s marriage. She asked Chakor to tell her when she would fix her marriage date. Vivan just wished Chakor not to leave.

Imli thought to leave else she would not be able to hide her feelings anymore. She asked Vivan to take care of himself and Chakor. Vivan wished Imli stayed back. Vivan asked her if he should drop her. She denied and thought it would get more difficult for her if he came to drop her.

Suraj came there and thought to do something. He cut his hand by knife and said that it was the only cure of everyone’s pain as he promised Imli that he would not tell Vivan about her feelings. Imli wished that Vivan stayed happy else her sacrifice for her love would go waste.

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