Udaan 23rd Sep 2016 Friday Full episode: Will Suraj kill Chakor for betray ?

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 23rd Sep 2016 Friday Full episode: Vivan was thinking about Imli and was feeling sad that she was gone. He thought by hiding his feelings he would hurt Chakor. Imli on her way was crying. Kasturi was consoling her. Vivan saw Suraj in front of his car bleeding. He went to him and asked him if he met any accident. He denied and said that he went to Imli but. He did not say anything. Vivan thought that Imli met accident. He asked Suraj to take him to Imli.

Udaan 23rd Sep 2016 Episode

Suraj asked him why he cared for her when he had left her. Why it mattered to him. Vivan slapped him and asked him to tell where she was. He holds his hand and said he would not leave him. When Vivan asked him to leave he said why he cared for Imli. Vivan then shouted that he loved Imli. Suraj left his hand and said his doubt was clear. He asked Vivan to not get worry as Imli was fine. Vivan was shocked. (Also see: Last episode of Udaan)

Suraj then told him that neither he nor Imli met an accident. He did that just to know of Vivan loved Imli or not. He then told him that Imli too loved him and said that she sacrificed her love for his happiness. Vivan was shocked and said that he was lying. Suraj said he just did that to unite two lovers. Vivan said that he had to meet Chakor under shade he would not leave Chakor as he wanted her to be free from Suraj’s clutches. He then left from there.

Udaan 23rd Sep 2016 Friday Full episode

Chakor was getting ready. She danced and thought no one could stop her from meeting Vivan that day. She bought flowers for him as he loved flowers.

Imli was thinking about Vivan and was crying. Vivan too was thinking of Imli. He thought that he would not let Chakor’s day get spoilt and thought of doing something special for their meeting. He then called someone to do the arrangements. Suraj came back home and asked if Chakor was going to meet Vivan that day.

Udaan 23rd Sep 2016 Friday Full episode

She said yes and told him that Vivan called her under the shade. He asked her to not go there. She asked him to stop giving her more reasons to hate him. She told him that Vivan loved her and not Imli and hence no one could stop her from re uniting. He asked her to stop as Vivan loved Imli and he would not let anything wrong happen.

Chakor asked her to let her go as he was playing a game again. She said that she did not believe that Vivan loved Imli. She cried and said she hated him a lot and asked him to let her go. He said he would not and pointed gun at her.

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