Udaan 24 October 2016: Bhaiya ji told Ragini that he has made a plan to kill Suraj

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 24th October 2016: Suraj and Chakor came back to Dhaba. The man thought that they were a newly married couple. Chakor asked Suraj as why he did not tell him that they were divorced. Suraj said that they were husband and wife legally. He revealed that he hasn’t signed the paper yet.

She was shocked and stated that they were husband and wife still. The man got the food. Suraj asked her to have food. She had some. He smiled looking at her. Someone took away the divorce papers from his jeep. She asked him to stop looking at her and have his food. He said that she took a fast for him. He called her jhuti. They laughed.

Udaan 24th October 2016

He said that they were great enemies and if they would have been friends then they would have rocked. She stated that she could never be friends with him. He asked her as what bad was in him. He asked the man to get more rabdi. He added wine to her glass. She asked him as for why he was smiling.

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She drank the juice. She said that he was very stubborn and stated that he never listened to her. She acted to get drunk. She laughed. He asked her as for why she was laughing. She stated that she was not foolish. She said that she drank the other juice and not the wine one.

He saw Bhaiya Ji there and said to Chakor that he would be a great problem if he were him with her. She told him one exit way. She hides under the table. He turned his face to hiding but Ranjana saw him and shouted Suraj. Suraj went to them and said that he came there to avoid karwa chauth. Bhaiya Ji sat on that table. Chakor got tensed as she was under that table. He then took them to another table. He then signed Chakor to leave. She ran. He too left from there.

Udaan 24th October 2016

Vivan and Chakor were coming back from jail. They did not get any proof. A man said that he knew, but he wanted money. He told him that policeman and jailer were missing. Chakor stated that lawyer told her that Yadav changed his statement under pressure. Imli called him and gave him an update about Bhaiya Ji.

She told him that he was going to announce something in the factory. Bhaiya said to Rragini to not get angry as he was not supporting Suraj but planning something to kill her. Chakor asked Vivan not to get tensed as he would get the job as he was educated and would get any job.

Bhaiya Ji called everyone and said that he wanted to gift villagers for Diwali. They all got one rupee coin. Chakor was shocked. Bhaiya laughed.

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