Udaan 25 October 2016: Bhaiya Ji Confronted Suraj As He Betrayed Him Again

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 25th October 2016: Chakor asked Bhaiya Ji as how she would not give the villagers as per the contract. He said that he paid according to the contract, but the illiterate people did not read it. Chakor stated that it was why Ragini did not let her read the contract.

Bhaiya Ji said that he could not pay more than 1 rupee. Chakor stated that no one would work. Kamal Narayan told that according to the contract they had to pay 5 lakh if they wanted to leave. Villagers were shocked. Bhaiya Jee laughed and asked everyone to become his bandhua.

Udaan 25th October 2016

Everyone was shocked. Chakor was sad as she felt all their hard work went waste. Kasturi scolded Ragini. Chagan said that he wanted to slap Ragini for what she did. Ragini stated that he did what his father wanted and asked them to lower their tone while talking to her.

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Chakor cried seeing everyone. Vivan came, and he too was upset. Imli asked him as what happened. He told her that villager’s situation was appalling. She hugged him and said that things would get right soon.

He told that everything had to be ok as they had to think about their child too. She cried. He hugged her. He stated that they could not accept the failure. He would get the evidence against Bhaiya Ji. Chakro prayed to the lord to give her the directions. Suraj came to her and said that she could not lose her confidence.

She stated that she was not able to do anything to help villagers as bhiaya ji loved hurting them and that time he was back with power even.  She cried. They then thought and got to know that Suraj was the target.

Udaan 25th October 2016

Vivan and Imli came there. Vivan said that they would not let that happen. Suraj stated that they would have to be smarter and should have the courage to win. Chakor said to Kasturi and everyone that they should not lose the hope.

She asked Bhuvan to do as she said. Kishor was angry on Chagan and Lakhan for supporting Ragini. Chakor asked them not to fight as that was bhaiya Ji wanted. She stated that Ragini trapped everyone and it was not their mistake.

Chakor was selected for Asian games. Bhaiya Ji stated that it was not good news at all and wished that he should have killed her in the childhood.

Ragini and Kamal Narayan made a plan to kill Suraj. Chagan apologized all the villagers. Suraj was beating villagers to gain Bhaiya Ji’s trust. Chakor stopped him to stop his acting. Kamal Narayan and Ragini came from behind and said that Suraj betrayed them again and he had no right to live. Chakor and Suraj got shocked.

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