Udaan 26 October 2016: Chakor Worried For Suraj As Bhaiya Ji Never Forgive Enemies

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 26th October 2016: Bhaiya Ji said that Suraj cheated him again and hence he did not deserve to live. Chakor tried to defend Suraj. Goons hold her. Kamal Narayan aimed a gun at Suraj. Chakor was shocked and worried. He shot him. Chakor shouted Suraj and rushed to him.

She woke up from her bed and realized that she was dreaming. Bhuvan said that she got bad dream because of Bhaiya Ji’s torture. Chakor stated that she was feeling sad that they both were working hard and she was not able to do anything. She asked her not to worry.

Udaan 26th October 2016

Bhuvan asked her to use her freedom and get away. She said that she would be free when she would give money to Bhaiya Ji to free every villager. She stated that she would attend functions and would earn money. Chakor said that their Diwali should not be spoiled because of him.

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Kamal Narayan asked Ranjana to choose a costly gold necklace. Tejaswini looked on. Ragini taunted her. Vivan and Imli came there. Bhaiya Ji directed Ranjana to gift something to Imli too. Ranjana said that she would gift her gold necklace. Imli asked Vivan to forget everything. Vivan asked her to do whatever she wanted but he would not.

Vivan and Imli left from there. Ragini smirked that Vivan had to come to them to get money someday. Suraj was on his way but stopped seeing Chakor.

Udaan 26th October 2016

He questioned her as for why she was running like a wild cat. She said that she came to see if he was okay. He stated that he was fine. She asked him to stay away from haveli for a few days. He asked her as for why she was saying that. He held her hand and stopped her. He asked her to tell the matter. She prayed to the lord to protect Suraj. He smiled and left from there.

Kasturi and Bhuvan did the Diwali decorations. Chakor came back and smiled seeing it. Chakor enjoyed with them and said that she had to leave to collect proof against Bhaiya Ji. She asked them to bless her.

Chakor met Vivan. Vivan said that he was not able to gift anything to Imli as he did not have money. She told him not to worry and stated that he would get a job soon. He asked for money as he wanted to gift something to Imli. He stated that he would return it when he gets a job. She said that she bought the gifts for everyone and bank was closed. She suggested him to get it from Suraj.

Suraj and Bhaiya Ji got a gun as their Diwali gift. He then told them that he would celebrate Diwali with his friends. Ragini said that he could not go out of the village. Suraj stated that he had promised his friends and he had to go. Ragini thought to arrange a party at home only like he liked but wished him to get agree.

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